Ghost driver – dream interpretation

The idea that a wrong-way driver could be coming towards you probably fills every driver with horror, fear and panic. It is not uncommon for wrong-way drivers, also known as wrong-way drivers or ghost drivers, to cause accidents with serious injuries or even deaths. Of course, the person has nothing to do with a “ghost” in the true sense, but rather with the fact that other road users are frightened and death is not far away. It is believed that the term “ghost rider” originally comes from “ghost ship”; This is the name given to ships that disappear at sea in a ghostly manner and then reappear unexpectedly.

But it’s not just in reality that the thought of a wrong-way driver triggers fear in us. Such a thing can suddenly appear in front of us at the level of our dreams and trigger feelings of panic in us. Such dreams often feel very real. You wake up bathed in sweat and at the same time full of relief because you realize that the vehicle was only coming towards you in the dream situation. Of course, the symbol of the wrong-way driver can also appear the other way around in a dream if we choose the wrong lane and suddenly find ourselves in oncoming traffic.

But what do such nightmares mean? How do you interpret the ghost driver as a dream image?

Dream symbol “ghost driver” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, a dream situation in which a wrong-way driver approaches you shows that the person concerned is not unfold freely can. At the moment he is not making as much progress in life as he would like. The dream symbol can sometimes relate to the professional environment. It is possible that certain circumstances are inhibiting the dreamer here.

More often, however, the dreamed ghost driver means another person in your own life. This friend or acquaintance, perhaps even a partner or a family member, may have too high demands on the person concerned. The dream analysis assumes that the dream image “ghost driver” asks you to think carefully about the interpersonal connection. What bothers you? Which specific aspects of the relationship do you feel are holding you back in your individual being?

According to the general interpretation of the dream, anyone who drives in the wrong direction in oncoming traffic in a dream should be lifestyle change. If the person concerned continues as before, there is a risk of setbacks or major misfortune. Sometimes the symbol of the wrong-way driver also refers to this Carelessness and egoism. The dreamer then very likely tends to ignore rules and shirk responsibility. Behind this there are often fears of life that you cannot admit to yourself.

In addition, a dream situation in which you cause an accident as a wrong-way driver can also have an impact Fear of failure Clues. In these cases, the dream symbol calls for you to work on your own self-confidence.

Dream symbol “ghost driver” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological opinion, the dream image “ghost driver” symbolizes one Regression. The dreamer may not have fully processed a particular experience. This ultimately leads to him developing in the wrong direction. He may also fall back into earlier, childlike behavior patterns. The dream symbol represents a serious warning from the subconscious in this regard: you should deal with this problem.

In rarer cases, the psychological dream interpretation also interprets the symbol of the ghost driver as sexual symbol. It then stands for drives and longings that the person affected suppresses. He perceives them as immoral, wrong or reprehensible. For this reason, he desperately tries to act contrary to his inner nature, his instinctual desires.

Dream symbol “ghost driver” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, a ghost driver is seen as an indication of an existing one Motivation for a bad cause. The dreamer is not committed to what is right. He wastes his energies.

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