Touch – dream interpretation

The term “touch” is actually primarily associated with the words “delicate” and “light”. But not every touch, whether in a dream or in reality, is characterized by these expressions. In some cases, touching can also be a sign of violence or domination. Especially if this is done with a lot of force and with the ulterior motive of submission, such as a strong grip on the upper arm.

A touch doesn’t always just mean the (inevitable) skin-to-skin contact between family members, friends or even complete strangers: caresses, caresses, cuddles and hugs are also exchanged through touch. However, this mostly happens between people who love each other or those who are just looking for physical satisfaction. These are heterosexual and homosexual or bisexual people, but also parents and children. A baby who is not touched and neglected in the first days and weeks of his life dies.

Direct contact between people, animals and plants is therefore very important for dealing with each other. In the following text you will find out everything about the dream symbolism of a touch.

Dream symbol “touch” – the general interpretation

General dream analysis interprets the symbol “touch” as a sign of physical closeness and tenderness. The dreamer longs for these in the waking world or he would like to donate them to another person. In addition, touching in a dream can be understood as a sign of security. This aspect can be used especially when the sleeper touches another person’s shoulder with their hand.

A tender touch in a dream symbolizes the desire for a connection that one would like to enter into with a specific person in the waking world. This Connection But it doesn’t necessarily have to be physical in nature. The dream can also indicate a spiritual connection. If the dream contact is characterized by violence, the dreamer should generally become aware of his or her own defenselessness in waking life. He is currently in a life situation in which he feels helplessly exposed to other people.

For the general interpretation of the dream symbol “touch” it should also be taken into account what is touched in the dream. From this, further insights can be gained for interpretation. The aspects of corresponding dream symbols can also be helpful.

Dream symbol “touch” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological dream interpretation, the dream image of touch symbolizes the production of The contact. The dreamer should be shown that he is in mutual harmony with the people he touches in his dream. Furthermore, this dream image can illustrate the dreaming desire for closeness to another person. The person in the dream gives a clue as to who the person in the waking world may be.

If you touch your partner in a dream, this is viewed psychologically as a sign of recognition understood. This is a very important part of the current relationship, which is why you should also show this recognition in your waking life. A tender touch as a dream symbol also shows the sleeper’s real desire for tenderness. A violent touch in a dream warns of a lack of discipline.

In addition, when interpreting the dream image “touch” the attitude of the dreamer should be taken into account. Additional interpretations can be derived from this.

Dream symbol “touch” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, a blessing touch in the dream is a symbol of the transmission understood by transcendent energy.

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