Elevator crash – dream interpretation

An elevator is an electrically operated system whose car moves up and down a shaft and can therefore transport people from one floor to another. A common name for the elevator today is the word “elevator”. There are very different types of elevators. These are usually adapted to the needs of the location.

An elevator in a residential building most likely has a much smaller passenger cabin than an elevator in a hospital or a hotel elevator, where a large number of people have to be transported to many different floors every minute. A glass elevator even provides a view into the depths during the journey. Anyone who is afraid of falling from an elevator, is afraid of heights in an elevator or suffers from claustrophobia should definitely avoid such a modern glass elevator.

Although the elevator is not an extraordinary innovation in our age, many people are afraid of entering an elevator. However, the risk of such an accident actually occurring is almost zero because elevators are equipped with safety systems that would prevent a fall. – Even if all the steel cables break.

So what does it mean if you are exposed to the horror of an elevator crash in a dream?

Dream symbol “elevator crash” – the general interpretation

It is certainly a very threatening feeling to fall off the elevator, even in a dream. The elevator rushes downwards and in your dream you feel as if it were an elevator without a floor. According to the general interpretation of dreams, this can be one real fear reflect the dreaming. He may have just experienced a situation in which he climbed an elevator despite his fear.

A ride in an elevator can also be an indication that you will only be able to overcome your problems with the help of other people. If the elevator then goes rapidly down, this is, according to dream research, a sign from the subconscious that the dreamer is his own claims cannot suffice because he has raised the bar to unattainable heights. Failure is inevitable here, which is symbolically represented by the elevator crashing.

Also false ambition of the dreamer can in real life lead to him being brought back down to earth very quickly. He will be able to exert himself as much as he wants. The dream symbol “elevator crash” shows him that there is little point in investing his energy in things that will not lead to success. If the elevator is going down, failure is likely – the opposite is true if the elevator is racing up!

Dream symbol “elevator crash” – the psychological interpretation

Above all, the downward journey or the elevator crash symbolizes, according to psychological dream interpretation, a strong preoccupation of the dreamer with his subconscious.

Just as the elevator moves downwards, it also penetrates into the depths of his soul. Why this is so can perhaps be deciphered from the overall dream content. Real life situations can also be helpful in accurately interpreting the dream experience.

In the waking world you are often on the surface because you might want to avoid digging too deeply into your psyche, as there is always the risk of coming across things that could emotionally upset the dreamer. He may suspect that dealing with these things might be difficult for him and consciously avoids looking into them depth.

Here, however, he is allowed to use the dream symbol “elevator crash”. Mut understand the sign of his subconscious to perhaps pay a little more attention to it.

Dream symbol “elevator crash” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the elevator represents the ups and downs in the dreamer’s life. The dream symbol “elevator crash” indicates that he too dark partsthat every person has within them. Because just as the elevator falls into the depths, it also goes up again.

This up and down like an elevator crash represents on a spiritual level Polarities of life – i.e. the opposites. Nevertheless, the connection to the earth, i.e. to the worldly world, and the connection to the spiritual world can also be seen here.

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