Track – dream interpretation

When we humans follow a trail, we can only do so via the traces that are visible to us in the ground, such as footprints or animal tracks. Knowledgeable trackers can use the prints in the ground to identify exactly which animal they belong to.

In humans, this differentiation is much more difficult. When it comes to identifying a person based on existing footprints or tracking them, human instinct quickly becomes limited. That’s why specially trained sniffer dogs are used here. They can use their nose to search for the trail, pick up the scent trail of the person they are looking for and use this to track them down.

The dog is also of great importance in hunting. It helps the hunter find sick or injured animals that he would never be able to find on his own. But even if we are not hunters ourselves, we can dream of the dream symbol “track”. The following article explains how differently and individually this dream image can be interpreted.

Dream symbol “track” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpreters, if you pick up the trail of an animal in your dream and follow it, you will be successful adversaries fight. You probably had to deal with this for a long time in your waking life. The dreamer is very hostile towards this person and is so filled with feelings of hatred that he would resort to any means possible to see the enemy on the ground.

If, on the other hand, you follow human footprints, this dream content announces pleasant and very pleasant ones acquaintances for the dreamer. Seeing a track in the form of footprints also symbolizes that the dreamer will soon have overcome difficulties in everyday life on his own.

Dream symbol “track” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, following a trail in a dream always represents the search for oneself or the desire for something Understanding about another person. Following a trail also embodies bad intentions on the part of the dreaming person. Perhaps the dreamer is a very jealous person. He monitors his partner’s every move because he feels betrayed and betrayed by him. The person concerned follows a trail in the dream because he is looking very carefully for signs of actual fraud in his waking life.

According to psychological dream interpreters, if you follow an animal’s trail in a dream, you want to escape from your current living environment. You may feel out of place where you are. The dreamer has the feeling that he cannot express his true self. Following the animal track also fulfills the desire Freedom and Self-determination to expression.

Dream symbol “track” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective of dream interpretation, the dream image “track” refers to the ancient art of tracking. Humans developed this out of the need to provide themselves with food. She helped him connect with his environment on a spiritual level. Being able to read a track in a dream therefore embodies the dreaming person’s ability to spiritual messages to perceive and understand.

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