Fig leaf – dream interpretation

In the visual arts, the leaf of the fig tree is often used to cover or hide the genitals of naked people. This usage can be traced back to the Bible story of the Fall. For after Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit of knowledge, they recognized their nakedness and covered their nakedness with fig leaves.

Because of this biblical story, in the visual arts of the Christian West for a long time, even into modern times, the private parts of naked people were painted over with a fig leaf or another object that was intended to cover them.

The fig leaf can also be used in a figurative sense. This usually refers to an object that is placed in front of another in order to hide it. The aim is to ensure that its moral ambiguity is not recognized. But a diversionary tactic or a pseudo-reason can also be referred to as a fig leaf in an idiom. You are, so to speak, putting a smokescreen over a matter of which you are ashamed.

Dream symbol “fig leaf” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, a fig leaf in a dream can indicate innocence and modesty of the dreamer. He is very reserved in his life. He feels particularly self-conscious about his sexual feelings. Such dream content can therefore also be understood as an invitation to deal with these inhibitions.

Anyone who shapes a fig leaf with their hand in their dream must focus on this mockery hire other people. Those affected can also expect slander in waking life. The sight of statues with fig leaves while sleeping or figures in pictures that hide their nudity can indicate the moral attitude of the dreamer.

According to the general dream interpretation, a very common dream image in connection with the symbol “fig leaf” is Adam with the fig leaf and Eve with a snake around her waist in the Garden of Eden. If the sleeper dreams of this dream situation, it will be Fate be influenced by false belief and deceit in real life.

If the dream symbol “fig leaf” appears in a figurative sense, namely as an alibi or a pretext in the dream, it is considered by general dream analysis to be rather bad omen designed for the dreamer. He should brace himself for unfortunate developments in the waking world.

At this level of interpretation, it can also be interesting which person utters this excuse in the dream. Because further insights can be gained from this. Was it the dreamer himself or perhaps his partner? Other people in the immediate vicinity would also be conceivable.

Dream symbol “fig leaf” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “fig leaf” is used as an expression for chastity and viewed with shame. In addition, behind such a dream there can be a message that the dreamer wants to hide something that he is ashamed of.

If fig leaves are seen on branches of the fig tree in a dream, possibly with figs, the dreamer will often receive one warning from his absent-mindedness and flightiness.

Dream symbol “fig leaf” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “fig leaf” as part of the fig tree is seen in spiritual dream interpretation as a symbol of reproduction and reception. In addition, such a dream can have a deeper meaning spiritual consciousness indicate what the dreamer will now receive.

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