Burglary tools – dream interpretation

Anyone who wants to gain access to a house or apartment without authorization needs the appropriate tools. In order to break locks or break windows, robust burglary tools such as crowbars, hammers and pliers are required, which the perpetrator usually brings with him.

Burglary tools - dream interpretation

If he is disturbed during the burglary and flees, these burglary tools are often left behind at the crime scene.

So if you discover these things, then you can guess what should happen here or maybe even has already happened. These criminal acts can also occur in the dream world and then burglary tools are also needed.

Dream symbol “burglary tools” – the general interpretation

Burglary tools are often used in the dream world warning from negative surprises. It can also be an impending misfortune that is announced in this form or a person who is taking advantage of the dream.

Sometimes the burglary tools also warn of difficulties at work and in private life. Then the dreamer’s position in society and also in professional life is at risk.

If the dreamer himself uses a burglary tool, for example breaks into a house with a lockpick, dream research interprets this dream image as that Longing according to the wealth and prosperity that the dreamer has.

Dream symbol “burglary tools” – psychological interpretation

If burglary tools appear in the dream world, they symbolize according to the psychological interpretation of dreams Violence. The subconscious tries to defend itself against this in order to protect the psyche, because peace of mind is threatened. In this case, the dreamer usually feels threatened and insecure in waking life.

A burglar and his burglary tools are often used as an indication in dream research sexual instinctual life interpreted by the dreamer.

If this dream image appears, then these urges, which have been suppressed for a long time, threaten to break through and become public. The dreamer longs for sexual adventures, but he doesn’t want to admit it to himself. He often has great fears and confusing feelings about his own sexuality when this dream image appears.

Another interpretation of this dream image says that it is a… Part the psyche acts that was previously suppressed and is now forcefully forcing its way into consciousness. Strong mistrust and insecurities towards other people are further reasons why dreaming can see burglary tools in the dream world. The dreamer usually exaggerates in waking life Angst from negative developments and material losses.

If the dreamer is busy with the burglary tools and is planning a burglary, then feelings of guilt are often the reason for this dream image.

Dream symbol “burglary tools” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the burglary tools symbolize the tools for a person violent entry.

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