Conflagration – dream interpretation

If it is a violent fire with a large fire, then it is called a conflagration. Fires can appear more frequently in the dream world. However, they are not always very large. If it is really a dreamed fire, then this is a very meaningful dream image, which often frightens the dreamer.

Dream symbol “conflagration” – the general interpretation

Dream research sees fire and therefore also the conflagration as Element the nature. Since a fire can easily get out of control despite the involvement of the fire department, it is associated with danger and destruction in dream interpretation. Therefore, this dream image is also one of the warning dreams.

The dream plot and details are important for the correct dream interpretation. For example, what is threatened by the fire should be taken into account. The cause of the fire is also an important and crucial clue for the correct interpretation.

However, there is also a positive interpretation approach. In this case, a large sea of ​​fire is seen as a sign of coming honors and awards. In business and professional matters, the conflagration brings great things successes and promotes the career of the dreamer.

Dream symbol “conflagration” – the psychological interpretation

If a fire has broken out in the dream world, then, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, there is an intense warning to the dreamer. The conflagration symbolizes this passions and the desires of the dreamer.

If this fire develops into a conflagration, then there is a risk that out of control to advise. The same thing happens with the passions and desires of the dreamer, which also become independent and uncontrolled if the dreamer is not careful.

Dream research sees fire and conflagration as a symbol of strong feelings and consuming passions, but also of high ideals, elemental forces and energies. If you don’t handle these properties responsibly and carefully, they can become dangerous. If a fire has already developed in the dream, then it won’t be long before the dreamer completely loses control.

If the sea of ​​flames approaches the dreaming house or if it arises there, then there are fundamental issues Changes in the life of the dreamer. The destructive power of fire makes room for something new in the dreamer’s life.

If the dreamer tries to extinguish the fire or somehow contain it, then this is an indication of the fire oppression of physical and emotional energies.

Dream symbol “conflagration” – the spiritual interpretation

The conflagration is interpreted in spiritual dream interpretation as a new awareness of spiritual power and transformation.

Also one mental cleaninga transformation and a Rebirth can be represented by the conflagration in the dream world.

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