Rocks – dream interpretation

A rock can be a larger stone or an entire formation, for example a rock face in the mountains or a rocky coast by the sea. There are many rocks that are popular tourist destinations due to their size and shape: Ayers Rock, one of Australia’s landmarks, or Mount Rushmore in the USA with four 18-meter-high presidential portraits carved into the rock. In Germany, the legendary Loreley slate rock in the Middle Rhine Valley attracts numerous visitors.

We generally associate a rock with hardness and durability, but also power. Castles were built on rock massifs and a rock in the surf provides support. Even large sculptures, such as the Sphinx, can be made from rocks.

If you dream of a rock, you may be impressed by its size. If the dreamer stands in front of it, he probably feels very small in the dream. He may touch the stone and feel its rough surface. For the interpretation of dreams, it is important in which context the dream symbol appears.

Dream symbol “rocks” – the general interpretation

A rock appears unchanging because even though wind and rain influence the appearance of the rock over the centuries, we don’t notice it. The dream symbol embodies this in the dream interpretation stability and security. The dreamer wants to preserve part of his ideas and thoughts or a concrete world. Stability, toughness and endurance are shown in dreams.

The rock can also be a dream symbol for the dreamer’s unshakable faith, which never lets him lose hope. According to dream interpretation, the solid stone can also indicate that the dreamer is currently biting his teeth into a problem. A problem appears insurmountable like a rock wall. The dream is an expression of setbacks and difficulties.

For popular dream interpretation, it is particularly informative how the dream symbol “rock” appears and how the dreamer himself acts in his dream. If he sees a very high boulder in front of him, he is planning big projects in real life. A rock in a dry environment, on a mountainside for example, illustrates the effort and Effortsthat are necessary for success.

On a coast, the dream symbol indicates a quick solution to acute problems. If the dreamer climbs the rock in the dream, he will achieve his personal goals according to the dream interpretation. If he climbs down effortlessly, he will succeed in everything in reality, but if it causes him difficulties, the dream symbol represents failure and loss. Falling from a rock is a dream interpretation Danger signal. The dreamer is overwhelmed in some respect and is threatened with misfortune.

Anyone who sees Azkaban prison on a rock in their dream should use the dream symbol “Harry Potter” for interpretation. If you see an ibis looking for food in a rock crevice in a dream, this can indicate that you should resolutely implement your wishes.

Dream symbol “rocks” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “rock” provides information about the character traits of the dreamer. In the interpretation of dreams, the rock formation symbolizes mental stability, Confidence and steadfastness. The dreamer is reliable, persistent and has both feet firmly in life.

However, with the rock in the dream, the subconscious also demands the acceptance of more negative aspects of being. On the other hand, the dream symbol also embodies immobility and intolerance. Dreamers tend to consider their beliefs to be unchangeable facts. In dream interpretation, the rock is also a warning against emotional coldness and inner hardening.

Dream symbol “rocks” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, a rock is an ambiguous dream symbol. On the one hand it symbolizes stability, on the other hand it also stands for spiritual immobility.

In addition, the rock in the dream can also be a obstacle on the way to a new phase of life. The dreamer should set realistic goals.

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