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Shops shape the image of our modern city centers. In earlier centuries, markets were places of trade and change and therefore the center of public life. Today, commercial streets or shopping centers are important places to shop, but also to meet people and have fun.

Shopping offers on the Internet are also used a lot. But in a store you can not only look at the items and browse around, but also touch them and compare them directly with other products. In addition, many shops are deliberately furnished according to their potential customers, as is the kiosk, which gives them a special atmosphere: funky, cult, dignified or noble.

If someone dreams of a store, they may enjoy the atmosphere there and treat themselves to luxury items that they would never spend money on in real life. In the dream he may also enjoy being treated particularly courteously. When interpreting dreams, it is informative whether it is your own business or that of someone else.

Dream symbol “business” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “business” is a symbol of the Wishes and needs of the dreamer. His dream shows him what he needs or what he would simply like to have. Maybe he is currently in a situation in which he feels he is coming up short. He balances this feeling with the dream symbol.

Trading in a store often represents the dream interpretation Exchange of feelings. There may be an emotional imbalance in giving and receiving in a relationship. For example, if you spend a disproportionate amount of money on something, the dream symbol “business” can be a reminder not to ingratiate yourself with others. However, if you make a profit in a trading transaction, you actually have few financial worries. The dreamer does well with his income “over the top”.

In dream analysis, the context of the dream is extremely important. The dream symbol can basically be a warning about too much Consumption be. However, if you see yourself in a dream as the owner of a well-stocked shop, you can hope for good business and financial profits.

In the dream interpretation, a shop full of customers promises both prosperity and the achievement of the set goals as a reward for hard work. If the dream goes past a shop full of goods, the dream symbol indicates his strength of character, because he was able to temptationresist buying something.

If you pass an empty shop, the dream suggests that you will be able to avoid difficulties.

Dream symbol “business” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “business” represents the satisfaction of unconscious drives and hidden longings. In a dream, the dreamer can get everything he wants as long as he has one equivalent has to offer.

In dream interpretation, a familiar business is a sign that the dreamer is aware of his own needs and also knows how and where he can satisfy them. If he is in an unknown shop in the dream, the dream symbol is a request from the subconscious to become more familiar with his own Memories to deal with. Something that is extremely important for the psyche lies hidden there.

In dream interpretation, a large store such as a supermarket, drugstore or department store as a dream symbol can indicate that he is a Decision must meet. What the dreamer buys provides information about his unconscious wishes. Anyone who buys something to eat, such as delicacies, obviously needs spiritual nourishment. A piece of clothing suggests that the dreamer needs protection.

If the dreamer finds it difficult to decide on an item, the dream symbol “business” can be a symbol of a lack of decisiveness. If there are misunderstandings with the seller, the dream can come to an end Communication problems indicate in reality.

If the focus of the dream is on paying, in the dream interpretation this is an unconscious criticism of one’s own materialistic attitude.

Dream symbol “business” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendent level, in dream interpretation, a shop is a place where people can exchange ideas about spiritual things. The dream symbol shows that passing on and accepting spiritual experiences takes the dreamer further.

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