Halo – dream interpretation

A halo generally refers to a light or luminous phenomenon that is located around the head or the entire body of a person. In art it is found primarily in saints or gods. But very powerful people or enlightened people are also portrayed with such a nimbus.

The halo or a sun crown or halo is not only found in the Christian religion. Rather, such representations have been handed down among special people in many cultures.

But why do you dream of a halo? What can this mean? What interpretations does dream analysis have about this symbol?

Dream symbol “halo” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis interprets the dream symbol “halo” primarily as a reference to one mental pain, which currently exists. Although this seems to weaken the dreamer at the moment, it will strengthen him internally and contribute to his happiness at a later date. Therefore, one should bear the painful experience bravely.

If one sees a halo around one’s own head in a dream, then the sleeping person is said to have his or her own moral and moral values beliefs be aware. A halo on other people in a dream can indicate lies and secrecy, because something is being played out to you. When interpreting, it should also be taken into account who the people in the dream are.

An almond-shaped halo around the entire figure as a dream image can generally indicate how strong and influential one thinks oneself or another person is. In addition, a halo that surrounds the dreamer even while he is sleeping can be his own Radiance and illustrate the influence he has on others.

Anyone who sees the Virgin Mary or Jesus with rays in their dream attaches great importance to the waking world Decency and morality or admires such behavior. The image of a saint with glory or an icon in a dream may indicate that the sleeper is seeking knowledge in the moral area.

Dream symbol “halo” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological side of dream interpretation, the dream of a halo or aura is primarily seen as an expression of inner strength understood by the dreamer. He should be aware of this in order to be able to better assess his impact on the outside world.

The color of the aura in the dream can also play an important role in this interpretation. Disgusting colors or spots in the aura can indicate a physical or psychological problem. Bright colors, on the other hand, can symbolize great inner strength.

Seen as a Christian dream symbol, the halo during sleep can also indicate the sleeper’s longing to free themselves from their feelings of guilt. Also a reference to Maturity and contemplation can be shown in this.

The corona of a sun during a solar eclipse is also often referred to as a halo. If such a sight is visible in a dream, this can happen melancholy thoughts points that should be addressed in more detail.

Dream symbol “halo” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the halo as a dream symbol can be seen as a symbol of… spiritual self of the dreamer can be understood. If the halo shines strongly in the dream, the dreamer is in harmony with his or her self. A weakly shining wreath, as a dream image, refers to difficulties or problems.

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