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Every day we bite into something or bite off something. Whether it’s an apple, sandwiches or a hearty lunch. Our teeth are usually indispensable for the first step of digestion because our food is often hard and has to be broken down before the food can be swallowed. However, you can bite not only food, especially in the animal kingdom it is an effective means of defense or attack. People sometimes bite too; Children often still have to learn that a bite causes pain to others, hurts and is therefore not allowed.

So what does biting in a dream tell us? Why did this dream symbol appear? Reconsider your dream and pay attention to all the details. Have you been bitten or have you bitten someone or something? How did you feel about it? When interpreting a dream, not only the dream symbol itself is important, but also all the surrounding circumstances that should be included in an analysis.

By the way, it is also said that colors can bite each other. This is intended to express that at least two colors do not harmonize with each other, for example when choosing clothes. Since this article is about biting in the sense of biting, if you dream of biting colors you should click on our corresponding article “Colors” and interpret the tones seen in your sleep individually.

Dream symbol “bite” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “bite” as a bad omen. The dreamer wants to undo something in the waking world, but it has long been over. In some cases, biting in a dream also indicates that the dreamer is suffering from a bad person in the waking world because he is being tormented by him.

Biting or being bitten is illustrated in dreams Quarrels in relatives, with whom the dreamer should better hold back. In addition, the dream symbol in this context can indicate deep enmity.

If the dreamer is bitten by a woman in the dream, this can be understood as the announcement of an illness. At the same time, the general dream interpretation also interprets this dream situation as warning before the dreamer’s desire to destroy the fruits of his long work.

The sight of a bite wound from an animal in a dream symbolizes jealousy. If the dreamer is bitten by an animal in the dream, this illustrates this Trouble and difficulties in matters of love, an argument is also possible. With regard to a bite by an animal, the general dream interpretation knows further interpretations:

  • Cat bite: can indicate betrayal and quarrels with an aggressive house cat; If the animal in the dream otherwise behaves calmly, is clean and trusting, then the great love for cats that the dreamer feels becomes clear
  • Dog bite: major financial setbacks will be expected in the waking world; If a rabid dog bites the dreamer, this illustrates the sadness and fear of the long absence of a loved one
  • Bird bite: the attack of a bird usually warns of the actions of enemies and envious people; In rarer cases, a bird’s pecking and snapping indicates its own internal imbalance
  • Snake bite: in the waking world someone from the environment claims that he is acting in the dreaming’s interests, but the dreamer is only pursuing his own interests; also hint that he has undeservedly insulted a friend in the waking world; He should quickly admit his mistake and apologize.

Dream symbol “bite” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “bite” or biting represents “animal” anger and Aggression. Especially if the dream left the dreamer with a negative feeling. Injuring a person or animal in a dream shows the effects on the environment: the bite victim is affected by aggression.

If the dreamer bites another person or a fruit in the dream, this shows him that he should definitely stick to carrying out his plan in waking life. In an erotic dream, biting, nibbling on the ear and chewing in the dream symbolizes the excessive sexuality of the dreamer. The dream symbol often appears, especially with sadomasochistic desires.

Dream symbol “bite” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the dream symbol “bite” is intended to make the dreamer aware that he is both himself malicious can be as well as others can be malicious towards him.

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