Cheetah – dream interpretation

The cheetah occupies a special position among the big cats. The entire body structure is specialized for short, fast sprints. He has extremely long legs, is particularly slim and has claws that, unlike other cats, he can hardly retract. With these “spikes” and a scaly sole on its paws, it can reach top speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

The cheetah lives primarily in the savannahs and steppes of Africa. The tall grass offers the hunter successful cover, but trees would hinder his rapid run. In Africa, a cheetah is considered a kind of patron saint for hunters. It’s certainly not a coincidence that we have a main battle tank named after him.

Seeing a cheetah in front of you in a dream is probably frightening. The dream probably feels threatened. The predator may also seem quite peaceful and trusting. When interpreting dreams, it is, among other things, informative to determine whether the dream symbol is a wild or a tamed cheetah.

Dream symbol “cheetah” – the general interpretation

The cheetah’s most outstanding characteristic is its speed, which enables it to hunt successfully. In dream interpretation, this dream symbol also embodies a quick one Comprehension.

The dream calls on the dreamer to gather all his strength in order to be able to react immediately to the dynamics in the living environment. Maybe in real life he finds himself in a situation that requires quick thinking and action.

Just as the cheetah unexpectedly emerges from its cover, sudden events can occur in the life of the dreamer Changes result. The dream symbol expresses the need to come to terms with this change in as short a time as possible.

In addition, the cheetah is a strategically planning hunter in dream interpretation requestto be more committed to achieving personal goals in real life. The dreamer should independently and actively look for ways to implement his plans.

Dream symbol “cheetah” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “cheetah” symbolizes a danger or a problem that puts a lot of mental strain on the dreamer.

On the one hand, the subconscious can force the dreamer to face the difficulties. In the dream, the cheetah confronts him with a conflict or an unresolved difficult situation and asks him to think. In this case, the dream symbol puts the dreamer on the path to one Solution to find.

In addition, the dream symbol “cheetah” can have a deep-seated unconscious meaning in dream interpretation Angst represent. The dreamer may have the feeling of a problem or a feeling of persecution not being able to escape. With the dream, the subconscious signals that the dreamer has to face his repressed emotions.

In psychological dream interpretation, the fast-moving big cat also represents a repressed, aggressive dream animal sex drive. The dreamer may have erotic fantasies in which he literally “hunts” for the object of his desires.

Especially if the cheetah is wild and dangerous in the dream, it reflects reckless sexual behavior, which can lead to difficulties in a relationship in real life.

In addition, the dream symbol embodies Passion and Lust for life. If the cheetah appears in the dream as a tamed animal, this is a sign that the dreamer is able to control his instincts and use their positive power.

Dream symbol “cheetah” – the spiritual interpretation

The cheetah represents one in the spiritual interpretation of dreams Dimensional jump The dream symbol shows the dreamer his mental abilities, which enable him to travel through time and space at breakneck speed.

A dream about this hunter embodies that heightened senseswhich help dreamers to gain comprehensive spiritual insights.

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