Ice water – dream interpretation

Water is a fairly common dream symbol in dream interpretation. There are a number of dream situations that can be interpreted differently. But what can it mean if you see a special type of water – namely ice water – in a dream? As with any dream analysis, however, it is not just the symbol itself that should be taken into account. Rather, the context of the dream should also be taken into account for a detailed interpretation. Therefore, think again about your dream and try to remember as many details as possible.

Dream symbol “ice water” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream image of ice water primarily refers to its deep cold unconscious thoughts, feelings and habits of the dreamer. However, these are not negative, but on the contrary quite positive. The dreamer is therefore made aware of good things that he was previously unaware of in the waking world or with which he has not dealt with. He should now change this behavior and deal more closely with these matters in the future instead of freezing to death in ice water.

According to the general dream interpretation, anyone who drinks ice water in their dream is aware of their wishes and needs and also pays attention to their health. Emerging from ice water as a dream symbol can also be a sign of regeneration or renovation be considered. The sleeper wants to make some changes in his life and achieve a new self.

In some cases, the dream symbol “ice water” can also indicate a difficult life situation, which you yourself caused through your coldness. That’s why you should pay more attention to your emotional world in waking life. Only then will the difficulties in real life be solved.

Dream symbol “ice water” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological dream analysis, the dream symbol “ice water” gives the sleeper a clue to his own Soul life with the totality of all conscious and unconscious content. He should deal with this more closely in the waking world. Because at the moment it is strongly characterized by a certain coldness of feeling. This can lead to loneliness or a lack of social life in the real world.

Ice water as a dream image can also be unconscious psychic energy symbolize what the dreamer blocks in the waking world through his behavior. He is therefore admonished to change his behavior and thus enable this energy to flow. From the circumstances surrounding the dream symbol, conclusions can be drawn about possible changes in behavior.

Dream symbol “ice water” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “ice water” as a request to the dreamer to reactivate a stuck part of himself. Only then will he get one spiritual rebirth to be possible.

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