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The concept of wrapping can be used in different ways both in dreams and in reality. On the one hand, a specific action can be hidden behind it. This means you wrap something with your hands. It can also refer to the wrapping or rolling up of a certain thing; sometimes something can get squashed in the process. On the other hand, the term “wrapping” refers to ingratiating or ensnaring another person. You want to wrap someone else around your finger or persuade them to do a certain thing.

Dream analysis also distinguishes between these two levels when interpreting the dream symbol “wrap up”. Depending on the activity in the dream, different aspects arise.

Dream symbol “wrap” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “wrap up” usually brings one to the sleeping person in the waking world Decision with yourself. His dream should make him aware that an action will soon be expected from him. The dreamer may also be at the beginning of a new phase of life, which also requires him to make decisions. Further information can also be derived from the items and the packaging material used, such as paper.

Anyone who has something packed up, tied or wrapped in a dream by others should be shown that they like to take on a leadership role in waking life. If the dreamer observes other people rolling or tying up objects in their dream, they can look forward to pleasant things in the near future Visit be happy.

If you wrap a corpse in a linen shroud in a dream, this can illustrate the dreamer’s desire to hide his true identity from others in the waking world. If you see a rolled mop in a dream, this can indicate a desire to realize long-held hopes.

If the dreamer wraps another person up in the dream with promises, he should be careful in the waking world. Because he can quickly lose friends by deceiving or influencing others. On the other hand, if you allow other people to cheat, lull or talk to you in your dream, you will become your own trustworthiness shown, which can sometimes be too big.

General dream analysis interprets being enchanted or charmed by a woman in a dream as an indication of this Female, which can involve strong willpower and the creation of illusions. If you get too involved in it, you can lose yourself in some cases. You should therefore be careful. In most cases, being outwitted by your partner in a dream symbolizes bad decisions that were made in the waking world. Because these can have serious consequences.

Dream symbol “wrap” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream image of being wrapped up can Changes indicate in real life. Therefore, you should look closely at what is wrapped or tied up in the dream. Is it perhaps an object that is associated with a certain phase of life or person? This may be another clue. Wrapping a baby in a cloth or a new diaper as a dream image can indicate the beginning of a new phase of life.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, anyone who wants to make someone believe something in their dream should be strong Influence become aware of people in waking life. It is important to use this responsibly and not misuse it. Misleading in a dream can also be interpreted in this direction.

If another person tries to cast a spell on the sleeper in the dream or wants to persuade him to do something, this can be seen as a warning to be careful. In the real world, the person affected is influenced from outside, which is not always good for them.

Dream symbol “wrap” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets wrapping in the sense of packing or packaging in a dream as an indication of a necessary Decision in spiritual matters. The dreamer must decide which transcendent knowledge will continue to be important to him in the future and which will not.

The spiritual interpretation of the dream image “wrapping” in connection with seducing or beguiling, on the other hand, points to the side of Femalewhich can have great destructive power.

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