Venereal disease – dream interpretation

STDs are only transmitted through sexual intercourse and can occur in both people and animals. The “classic sexually transmitted diseases” include syphilis and gonorrhea. Until recently these were almost extinct. But recently cases of illness have been increasing again.

HIV infections and AIDS, hepatitis B and genital herpes are currently much more important in the area of ​​sexually transmitted diseases. Infection with certain human papilloma viruses, which can cause cervical cancer, is also a problem today.

Sexually transmitted diseases, on the other hand, are often referred to in German by their English abbreviations, such as STD (sexually transmitted diseases) or STI (sexually transmitted infections). These diseases are also or mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse. The cause of these diseases can be viruses, bacteria, fungi or the like. To prevent infection, using condoms during sex helps.

We explain in the following text what the extraordinary dream symbol “venereal disease” says in the dream:

Dream symbol “venereal disease” – the general interpretation

Dreaming about a sexually transmitted disease can refer to a physical Caused let it be returned. This means that the dream is either actually sick with a sexually transmitted disease or he fears that he has one. The sleeper is very concerned about dealing with this topic and this also gives him access to the dream level.

If there is no physical cause for the dream image of a sexually transmitted disease, it can be interpreted as follows:

General dream analysis interprets the dream symbol “venereal disease” as a sign to the dreamer that he or she has one pollution has become conscious. He feels “dirty” inside. However, this inner impurity does not necessarily have to relate to the sexual area. This can also be an indication of the emotional area. It would therefore be appropriate to deal with this emotional state and find out the cause of the “pollution”.

If you fear in the dream that you have become infected with a sexually transmitted disease while having sex with a certain person, this can indicate that external influence is too strong. You are negatively influenced by other people in the waking world.

If the sleeper dreams of being incurably ill with HIV, this means that his hopelessness or… Feelings of guilt be shown. If your partner has a sexually transmitted disease in a dream, this can sometimes indicate a lack of trust in your own relationship.

Dream symbol “venereal disease” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the symbol “venereal disease” as a symbol of painful memories, problems or even difficult feelings. These should penetrate from the unconscious level to the conscious level so that the sleeper can process them.

If you let your ex-boyfriend infect you with an illness in your intimate area in a dream, this can indicate that the person concerned is still struggling with their feelings towards this person.

If the dreamer hits another person in his dream because he was the carrier of the sexually transmitted disease, he is the one bad influence became aware of this person in the waking world. You were, so to speak, “infected” by this lousy character and emulated him too much.

If a woman dreams of getting a sexually transmitted disease during pregnancy, this may reflect her fear of the stresses of actually being pregnant. If she even suffers a miscarriage in a dream due to such an illness, she fears losing parts of her personality.

Dream symbol “venereal disease” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the symbol “venereal disease” can reflect the dreamer’s fear of a spiritual fusion show. He is afraid of the new and the consequences that could come with this union. The sleeper should therefore strive more for spiritual clarity.

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