welcome – dream interpretation

When we see someone we know or are introduced to someone we previously did not know, we greet that person. Greeting rituals are an important expression of politeness and vary from culture to culture. Some peoples, such as Japan, bow to each other without touching each other. In most European countries people shake hands as a greeting. Refusing to shake hands is considered a gross insult. Friends and good acquaintances are often greeted with kisses on the cheeks or a hug.

welcome - dream interpretation

If you dream of greeting someone, you may be very happy to see the person.

Maybe the sleeper also feels uncomfortable because he has to greet someone he doesn’t actually like.

When interpreting dreams, it is important who the dreamer greets, but also what the mood is when greeting them.

Dream symbol “greet” – the general interpretation

In traditional dream interpretation, greeting familiar people or friends is a very good sign. The dream symbol represents kind words and one harmonious atmosphere. The sleeper can also expect a pleasant visit or an important message. If he doesn’t know the other person very well, but well enough to greet him, the dream is not quite as positive. Everyday life is currently characterized by politeness, but not by warmth.

It is also a favorable signal if the dreaming person greets someone who is hostile to them. The dream image announces one with the dream improvement of the relationships.

According to popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol “welcome” in this case can also draw attention to an unpleasant visit.

In some dreams the sleeper already greets deceased, which he was very fond of during his lifetime. In dream interpretation, this promises advantages in negotiations and in the implementation of certain projects. If the dreamer is sick at the time of the dream, the dream symbol “greet” is considered a warning of dangerous effects of the illness.

The dream symbol “greet” can provide information about this Family life give if children or other close relatives play a role in the dream. According to general dream analysis, pleasant events in the family area are announced. If a family member greets the dreamer warmly, the dream image indicates an improvement in intra-family relationships and greater acceptance of his personality.

Anyone who waves in greeting in their dream should care about the well-being of other people in the waking world and not just think about themselves. If the fighters are greeted with applause in wrestling, you should take care of your inner conflicts in your waking life.

Dream symbol “greet” – the psychological interpretation

The emotions of the sleeper in the dream are particularly important for psychological dream analysis. If he is happy about the encounter, the dream symbol “greet” is an expression of the open-mindedness.

The dreamer is able to approach the unknown with an open mind and accept new challenges. If he is uncomfortable with the greeting, his subconscious is showing him in the dream that he is trying to avoid certain problems or conflicts.

At the same time, greeting someone is a symbol of them contact. According to dream interpretation, the dream image expresses the desire for greater acceptance. The dreaming person has probably recently experienced disappointment in real life.

She may also feel fundamentally excluded and ignored. The dream symbol “welcome” represents the longing for a sense of achievement and an improvement self-esteem but.

A dream in which someone greets the dreamer in a friendly manner is considered within psychological dream analysis as a sign that the dreamer is at peace with himself. He has a positive attitude towards his own self. If he welcomes others into his own house, the dream image “welcome” also points to this Trust of the sleeper towards himself.

Dream symbol “greet” – the spiritual interpretation

For spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “greet” is a signal that the dreamer is accepted on a spiritual level. His pursuit of spiritual fulfillment finds advocates. If the people in the dream shake hands as a greeting, the dream is an indication of power and dominance as well as mental activity.

If kisses are exchanged, the dream symbol “greet” represents one spiritual blessingfor love, reverence and union.

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