Hot air balloon – dream interpretation

Colorful hot air balloons can be seen floating weightlessly into the sky when the weather is nice. However, in order for a hot air balloon to take off at all, it needs buoyancy and this is generated by hot air. This hot air is lighter than the cool air surrounding the hot air balloon.

This means that when hot air is blown into the envelope of the hot air balloon, it rises and pulls the carrying basket attached to the balloon along with the people inside. However, since the hot air keeps cooling down over the course of the balloon ride and the hot air balloon begins to sink again, the air in the balloon has to be heated again and again so that the ride can continue.

This heating can often be observed as a spectator from the ground. You can see and hear how a jet of flame heats the gas in the balloon and keeps the flame burning. However, a hot air balloon can only be controlled to a limited extent. By skillfully rising and falling, wind directions and wind speeds can be used to reach the desired destination.

To land, the pilot, the balloonist, has to let the air inside the hot air balloon cool down again and the balloon sinks to the ground. By opening the so-called “Parachute”, hot air can be released and the balloon can sink more quickly.

Now let’s take a look at what a hot air balloon can mean in the dream world. The exciting journey begins…

Dream symbol “hot air balloon” – the general interpretation

In general, the dream symbol “hot air balloon” is used in dream interpretation as a sign of Ideenvielfalt and experiences viewed. However, in every dream event, the exact context in which the hot air balloon appears is important.

If the dreamer sees himself flying away in a hot air balloon and seeing the world from a bird’s eye view, this may indicate that he is also moving away from achievable goals in real life. He may lose it himself traction and his head is no longer in reality. It would therefore be important for him and his goals to gain some distance and thus regain a clear perspective.

If, on the other hand, the balloon glides calmly and gently over a landscape, the dreamer will have an objective and far-sighted view of the future. This will be positive for him.

Dream symbol “hot air balloon” – psychological interpretation

From the psychological perspective of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “hot air balloon” symbolizes the wishful thinking that the dreamer experiences Soul level busy. He may want to break out of a life situation that is restrictive for him, no longer allow himself to be controlled and would prefer to get away silently like a balloon.

But the dream image of the hot air balloon also contains the aspect of Adventurous spirit. The desire to just let yourself drift without thinking about what the future might bring. Getting off the ground also gives him a good overview of his current position and allows him to see where he is in life and what can or should be done in the long term.

This is also reflected in the dream symbol “hot air balloon”. uncertainty of life. Depending on how the wind is blowing, the hot air balloon will make good or bad progress, it will go up better or it will be more difficult.

If the journey is bumpy, this indicates that your waking life is just as unpredictable. But by boarding the hot air balloon, the dreamer’s hope for favorable wind and thus also for a happy life in the real world becomes apparent.

Dream symbol “hot air balloon” – the spiritual interpretation

From the spiritual side of dream interpretation, the dream of hot air balloon symbolizes joy and the Freedom of spiritto expand and create space.

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