Funeral – dream interpretation

Death is part of our lives – everyone is aware of this fact. However, at the end of life, man enters a completely unknown state.

Since the dead can no longer communicate their experiences, death is an extremely uncertain adventure. The human need to gain emotional security through a ritual, the funeral, is all the more pronounced. The burial of a loved one in the cemetery is the visible end of life, a publicly celebrated farewell and a socially recognized opportunity to show one’s own grief and the value of the deceased.

Funeral - dream interpretation

However, you can still bury a lot of things in a figurative sense: wishes, dreams, hopes. But the hatchet is also buried symbolically. Funerals do not necessarily have to be characterized by a depressed atmosphere.

In some cultures, the songs that accompany someone to their grave sound extremely happy and life-affirming. Even in our latitudes, a memorial service following the funeral is often left out – in the sense of “relieved”. During the “corpse feast” with coffee and cake, people can exchange experiences they had with the deceased.

Anyone who dreams of a gravedigger and a funeral, perhaps in a mortuary, will find this scary and may even panic. The idea behind this is that if death plays a role in the dream, someone will actually die. However, in dream interpretation there are many explanations and interpretations of the dream symbol “funeral”, which are rarely related to the real end of life.

Are you looking for a specific situation in relation to the dream symbol “funeral”? Then take a look at our list of the most common dreams. You will find out all further details about the dream funeral afterwards.

Dream symbol “funeral” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Who you can bury in a dream

Dreaming about father’s funeral

Anyone who dreams of their father’s funeral after his death should usually become aware of their inner detachment from their own father in the waking world.

The sleeping person is now ready to take responsibility for their life and make their own decisions. This parent’s protective hand is no longer needed.

The mother is buried. A dream analysis

Dreams about your mother’s funeral can indicate an imminent separation in your waking life. The dead mother in the dream often embodies a phase in the dreamer’s personality maturation that was particularly important for him and which was accompanied by a separation from certain characteristics. Depending on the life situation, these changes can be easy or difficult for the sleeper to process.

My own funeral in a dream – what a horror!

If one’s own death or burial is experienced on the dream level, this dream situation can represent the end of a certain phase of life in reality, which is seen as positive by the dreamer. However, one’s own funeral as a dream image can also indicate the fear of losing certain parts of one’s personality.

Different dream situations surrounding the funeral

Dreams of death and burial

If death and burial are closely related to each other in the dream, this can indicate the final processing of a past matter by the dreamer. The person affected is now ready to look forward in the waking world and tackle new projects. Sometimes dream situations of death and funerals can also hide real difficulties that the sleeper should think about how to overcome.

The wake in dream interpretation

If the dreamer himself keeps vigil for a deceased person in his dream, this can be interpreted as an expression of his deep affection for this person.

The sleeper may not have become aware of this connection yet or he may first have to deal with these feelings in reality.

The funeral procession… Dreaming of the final escort

The sight of a funeral or funeral procession can be interpreted positively as a dream image. The dreaming person can usually look forward to pleasant developments in the waking world. She may even be in line for a monetary gain in the form of an inheritance. In the professional area, the dream symbol “funeral procession” can also promise pleasant future prospects, and the sleeper may even be promoted.

The dreamed hearse: Now the dead man is being picked up!

If a hearse appears in a dream, it is often accompanied by a warning to the sleeping person. She should realize that everything in life is finite in terms of time and now is the right time to act. In addition, this dream funeral vehicle can symbolize real change, which the dreamer should promote through his actions.

The funeral home and its meaning in dream analysis

Behind the dream image of the funeral home can be the dreamer’s actual wish to bring a matter that is important to him to a happy end in reality. It is important to him to end this matter without any difficulties or problems. Most often, such a dream refers to the end of a relationship or the separation of unloved qualities.

“Funeral flowers” ​​– What does this dream symbol say?

If mourning flowers such as chrysanthemums, calla lilies or white lilies are in the foreground at a funeral, they often symbolize the enthusiasm and joy that the dreamer feels about his life.

Even if difficult situations can arise, the person affected still knows how to use their energies in a targeted manner. If the flowers are arranged very neatly at the funeral, this can also indicate a well-ordered social life for the sleeper.

Cremation in a dream, on a fiery path to the afterlife!

Dreams about a cremation can draw attention to the passionate feelings the sleeper feels about an impending separation.

However, if the dead person is burned on a pyre on the dream level, this type of fire burial can illustrate that the dreaming person has to say goodbye to certain wishes in the real world. These will probably not be realized.

The Requiem Mass, a dream analysis

Anyone who takes part in a service such as the funeral mass in their dream often longs for peace and inner peace in the waking world.

In addition, such a funeral mass can indicate to the sleeping person on the dream level their spiritual and spiritual development. A mourning ceremony as part of a funeral may also symbolize the sleeper’s actual fear of death.

“Mourning clothes” as a dream image

If the dreamer sees himself in mourning clothes at a funeral, he should perhaps concern himself with his own nature. Because there may be character traits that he would like to get rid of in the near future. The black of the dreamed mourning clothes can also encourage changes. Because only when the sleeper detaches himself from something specific will he be able to implement new ideas.

Dream symbol “funeral” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “funeral” occurs extremely often. However, there is rarely an actual death behind it. In dream interpretation, a funeral in a dream can be a sign that the dreamer is separate from something must. These can be lifestyle habits, an argument or wishes that cannot be fulfilled.

The past must be dealt with so that one can forget it and make plans for it Future can forge. The phase of pain and mourning is also important.

If someone dreams of their own funeral or of themselves lying in a coffin, they fear that a Part of his personality dies. He fears the loss of special talents and may be afraid of being overwhelmed by something new.

If you watch the funeral of an acquaintance in a dream, it means that the dream’s relationship with this person is coming to an end.

The social ties should be checked once in this case. In general, however, the dream symbol “funeral” usually has a positive connotation in dream interpretation, because something new always takes the place of the old.

Dream symbol “funeral” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “funeral” represents profound things in dream interpretation Changes in the life of the dreamer.

Deeply rooted behaviors and beliefs can be buried in dreams. This opens up unexpected perspectives for the subconscious and new paths can be taken.

If necessary, the dreamer also has to do this mental ballast get rid of: inhibitions, feelings of guilt, fear of being overwhelmed. The dream symbol “funeral” is then a clear signal to the dreamer to deal with their own psyche.

Sometimes behind the dream symbol of the funeral there is the unconscious wish that someone should disappear from the dreamer’s life. In dream interpretation, this person is often one dominant mother

. Often, behind the dream of burying one’s own parents, there is only the beginning Abnabelungthe decisive step towards independence.

Leaving the warm nest is always associated with a feeling of loss and farewell, which is reflected in the dream symbol “funeral”. However, dealing with grief is a necessary step forward.

Dream symbol “funeral” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol is “funeral” on the spiritual level Rite of passage to understand.

Death is the invisible part of life. In this context, loss and pain can be interpreted as positive signs of renewal and spiritual rebirth.

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