Private parts – dream interpretation

If you dream of genitals, even if they are hidden behind a fig leaf, the connection to a sexual meaning is often established very quickly. However, according to dream interpretation, this does not necessarily have to be the case. In such a dream about the penis or vagina, certain characteristics of the dreamer may also appear.

In addition, the dream symbol “sexual parts” sometimes only becomes clear at second glance. Because these are often symbolized by other objects in the dream. Various phallus-like objects, foods or even animals can indicate the male genitalia. For example, the banana, the snake or a cactus are often interpreted as a phallic symbol.

The female genitalia, the vagina, can also appear in a different form in dreams. Common examples of this are the strawberry, the peach or the cherry.

Dream symbol “sexual parts” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the symbol “private parts” is closely related to one’s own sexuality seen and is therefore counted among the sexual symbols. However, if you don’t see your own genitals in a dream, but those of another person, then you get an indication of your sexual relationship with this person.

When interpreting the dream image “sexual parts”, the general dream interpretation also distinguishes between a man’s dream and a woman’s dream:

Dreams one Frau from their genitals, this can initially be interpreted as an indication of their body’s own cycle. This means that she has already unconsciously recognized that her period is about to arrive. In addition, this dream content can make a woman aware of her desire to have children.

The dream of male genitals is generally seen as a request. The female dreamer’s own subconscious makes her aware of her male personality traits. So she meets hers Animus in the dream and should deal with it consciously.

In a dream one man’s the male member – often colloquially simply called “cock” – is seen as an expression of one’s own life force and performance understood. It can also be associated with male energy and drive. Designed as a sexual symbol, the phallus primarily symbolizes the dreamer’s sexual power.

If the dreamer sees his own penis swelling in the dream, his own superiority is shown to him. No obstacles or rivals will stand in the way of his plans in the waking world. The dream of female genitals asks the male dreamer to become more aware of his feminine side, i.e. his Animatoo busy.

According to general dream interpretation, mutilated genitals as a dream symbol indicate a possible abuse in the present or the past. The sight of injured or amputated genitals is also interpreted in this direction and can illustrate a repressed memory. However, if there is no abuse on the part of the dreamer, such dream content can symbolize a disturbed relationship with one’s own sexuality.

Dream symbol “sexual parts” – the psychological interpretation

Psychological dream interpretation often sees a certain ambiguity in a dream about genitals. In addition to the obvious sexual reference, this dream symbol can also call for a separation of sexuality from the genitals. This means that the dreamer does not long for purely physical pleasure, but rather his innermost desire Love and become aware of affection.

Female genitals as a dream symbol primarily symbolize female sexuality. Such a dream can also Character traits embody, which indicate spiritual fertility. For example, it can hide strong creativity or imagination.

From a psychological point of view, male genitals in dreams usually embody power, vitality and potency. They are also used as a symbol for Assertiveness and performance potential understood. This dream image can sometimes also show repressed thoughts or wishes that are now pushing into consciousness.

Dream symbol “sexual parts” – the spiritual interpretation

Within the transcendent dream analysis, genitals symbolize a strong one in the dream spiritual powerwhich manifests itself in both male and female characteristics.

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