Last Supper – dream interpretation

Jesus and his disciples gather and share bread and wine – a moment of great trust, but also looming over the shadow of betrayal. This biblical dinner was depicted in many paintings – the most famous by Leonardo da Vinci – and is still celebrated in Christian communities today.

Both the bread and the wine have great symbolic power, as Christ’s body being given up and his blood being shed. On the one hand, the Lord’s Supper or communion in the church underlines the connection with the Son of God, and on the other hand, it represents an act of community and being together.

How can we classify the Lord’s Supper as part of our dream? What does dream interpretation have to say about this dream symbol?

Dream symbol “Last Supper” – the general interpretation

People who are close to you come together for communion and enjoy it Connectedness with the others. Man “the bread collapses”, an idiom that also expresses a trusting relationship in a figurative sense. In dream interpretation, the Lord’s Supper therefore symbolizes the community, but also the family.

This dream symbol points to things to come Luck now and then that sorrow and worries come to an end. This can be, for example, financial worries or fears for the future, but also conflicts within the family. It becomes more corporate or personal Success set.

In addition to being together, the Last Supper also includes… Treason. Jesus tells his disciples that someone will betray him, and the later events already cast a shadow on the group that was actually so familiar.

Therefore, this dream symbol can also warn of impending betrayal – we often instinctively sense when someone wants us something bad. Dream interpretation can be a way to listen to the clues that our subconscious wants to give us.

Dream symbol “Last Supper” – the psychological interpretation

Community and family have a major influence on our personal development; they shape us throughout our lives. No wonder if we pay special attention to this topic in dreams too.

The Lord’s Supper is to be viewed in two ways, as on the one hand it symbolizes community and trusting togetherness, and on the other hand it is always linked to Judas’ betrayal.

So if you watch a dinner in a dream or take part in it yourself, it can indicate that you are moving into a new one Community feel included or will soon be part of one. Or you are afraid that someone will tell you falls in the back. It’s worth taking a closer look at who you can or want to trust.

If you celebrate communion in church in your dream, then your subconscious wants you to attend it Conscience draw your attention: You may have made a decision about which you are not (yet) entirely sure whether it was the right one and whether you can represent it to yourself.

As a dream symbol, the Lord’s Supper in church indicates suppressed feelings of guilt, just as the believer checks his conscience to see whether he is allowed to receive the symbolized body of Christ, so check yourself in the dream to see whether you have anything to blame yourself for.

Dream symbol “Last Supper” – the spiritual interpretation

This dream symbol is spiritual as a kind Test station on the path of your own development: Who can you trust? Do you trust yourself?

To be with yourself harmony In order to be able to come, it is important to examine the path taken so far and make corrections if necessary.

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