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A chasm is a depth, a gorge or a slope, for example, with an extremely steep gradient. In our language, the expression is mostly about extremes. You can hate someone deeply. Sometimes chasms open up when you get a glimpse of the unvarnished character of another person. When someone is on the brink, it means that they are almost ruined and that they are in a seemingly hopeless situation. The proverbial look into the abyss can dramatically change the future path of life.

Some people specifically seek confrontation with the abyss in order to explore and overcome their own limits. When bungee jumping, for example, you bravely plunge yourself into the depths, only to be slowed down by a rubber rope shortly before you hit the bottom: the abyss as a thrill that is intended to overcome fears. Others climb ice-cold, slippery glaciers with the risk of falling into a crevasse and most likely dying.

Anyone who dreams of standing on a chasm can see an all-encompassing expanse in the seemingly infinite depth. Perhaps the dreamer is initially frightened by the danger posed by a fall. Dream interpretation examines the question of what emotions and fears lie deep inside the dreamer and what boundaries he sets for himself in the dream.

Some dreams about the abyss appear particularly common. Find out more about this and the general, psychological and spiritual interpretation options for your abyss dream in the following sections:

Dream symbol “abyss” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Steep abyss – What does it mean in my dreams?

A particularly steep abyss in a dream can indicate a major problem in the real world. At the same time, the dream calls you to deal intensively with this problem and find a solution to it. If the abyss can be overcome in the dream, the solution to the problem is also imminent in the waking world.

Falling into the abyss: quite a nightmare!

Behind the dream image “Abyssal crash”, in which the dreamer falls and falls into the abyss, there is a possible loss that can affect different areas of life. Perhaps the dreamer also misjudged a situation. In addition, the affected person may well be plagued by self-doubt and insecurities.

Anyone who falls down a precipice in a car because the brakes suddenly fail will experience failure. The reason for this is rash actions that are unreasonable.

Looking into the abyss… a queasy dream feeling

Dreaming about looking into the abyss can be both positive and negative depending on the feelings felt during the dream. If you felt good feelings, the dream represents the ability to overcome even difficult obstacles. If the emotions were more negative, there may be helplessness with regard to a certain event in life.

House on the edge? Here is the dream interpretation!

If a dream situation occurs in which you saw a house on the edge, you should ask yourself what the state of your life and soul is like, as well as your general well-being. Maybe there are pulls or difficulties at the moment that are affecting these things. In this case, it is important to bring about a change to improve the situation.

Dream symbol “abyss” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the abyss is a sign that the dreamer may be in a difficult situation. He should pause and consider which measures make sense and which do not.

Maybe you are on the wrong path and are threatened with one Border To exceed. But overcoming an obstacle may just be the solution. The dream symbol “abyss” represents this unknown absolutely what you have to face.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “abyss” must always be viewed in connection with the entire dream event. The dream is always to be evaluated positively when the abyss is seen as obstacle is overcome by crossing, flying over or jumping over it. In this way, boundaries are overcome and horizons are expanded.

Helplessness and despair, on the other hand, can be reflected in dreams if the dreamer stands paralyzed on the edge, if he feels dizzy and has no idea what to do.

If a path ends at the abyss, in dream interpretation this is, on the one hand, a warning to the dreamer that he should turn back. On the other hand, it is a positive invitation to try out new ways.

On mental grief and the refusal to accept facts indicates turning away from the abyss in dream interpretation. If the dream stops close to the edge of the abyss, the dream warns of problems that the dream could fall into.

If you build a bridge in a dream, you have one Solution found to overcome the difficulties that correspond to the dream symbol “abyss”.

Dream symbol “abyss” – the psychological interpretation

From the perspective of psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “abyss” symbolizes the dreamer’s fear of what is happening Loss of control or his identity. In dream interpretation, if you lose the ground under your feet, this is a possible indication that you are afraid of failing because of difficulties. The dream often occurs in critical life situations in which the dreamer is required to make important decisions.

Looking or descending into the depths of an abyss corresponds to diving into it own subconscious. In a dream you look into your own abyss. The dreamer should accept personal weaknesses in order to recognize the cause and solution to current problems.

An abyss can also be a positive dream symbol in dream interpretation. The subconscious shows the dreamer a way to grow beyond himself and try out alternatives. Caution is advised if the dream falls into the abyss: the fall can be an indication of a possible depressive mood. Even if you see someone else falling, you should be careful.

Dream symbol “abyss” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “abyss” is a symbol of dream interpretation on a spiritual level Underworld and the lowly things that are insignificant for spiritual development.

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