Treehouse – dream interpretation

Being able to hide in a tree house, see the world from above and feel free like a bird – that is certainly the dream of many children, and perhaps many adults too. Up here between the strong branches of a tree you can feel safe and secure, make yourself comfortable with blankets and pillows even in the rain and escape the world, your parents or annoying siblings for a wonderful little while.

For many people, however, the dream of a tree house remains a dream because they have neither the means nor the opportunity to build a tree house themselves or have it built.

But even people without this real desire can dream of a tree house at night while they sleep. But what is hidden behind the dream symbol “tree house”? We take a closer look at the dream image.

Dream symbol “tree house” – the general interpretation

Anyone who builds a tree house in a dream is striving for higher things in reality and has big plans. The dreamer has himself high goals set and is full of energy and motivation to achieve it.

However, the dream symbol “tree house” combines two very important messages in dream interpretation. Both the tree and the house are dream images with strong meaning. The tree as such is a symbol of life force and also shows how the dreaming person is grounded.

In dream analysis, a house also embodies aspects of personality and the real life situation. If you dream of a tree house, this shows that the person concerned is currently concerned with the question of their fixed place in life and possibly to completely reorientate yourself.

Anyone who sees a tree house as a dream image will feel a strong connection to it in the waking world Nature. And where can you be closer to this than in a tree house? Perhaps this dreamy little house in the treetops also reflects an old childhood dream.

A tree house is both an adventure and a hiding place for children. A wonderful idea, even as an adult, to simply hide from the world, pull the ladder up the tree and thus leave any uninvited guest (or unwanted problems) outside…

Dream symbol “tree house” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams looks at different aspects of the dream image “tree house”. personality of the dreamer. When analyzing the dream, it is also important to consider the context in which the tree house appeared. Maybe you stood on the ground and watched other people sitting in the treehouse.

Did you feel excluded or even angry? This can show you that you often feel very similar in real life. Where do they leave you on hold or clearly show you that you don’t belong?

Anyone who builds a tree house for their children in a dream is about it in the real world forward planning. The dreamer is already thinking about what he can do to set the course for a worry-free and secure future for his offspring.

When dreaming about a tree house, be sure to pay attention to details of the dream experience. When interpreting, take into account your own emotional mood in the dreamed situation.

Dream symbol “tree house” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the tree house as a dream image is the embodiment of the wish Divine to be close and protected by it.

At the same time, the condition of the tree house shows how supported and connected the dreamer feels in the here and now with the spiritual world.

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