Gift – dream interpretation

Everyone likes to receive a gift. Gifts are traditionally distributed or placed under the Christmas tree on birthdays, Christmas gifts or first communions, but there are always occasions in between when a gift can be presented. Sometimes it’s a small thank you or just a sign that you were thinking of someone.

Anyone who has put special effort into choosing a gift will pack it carefully, perhaps even in an original way, before handing it over. The classic is printed wrapping paper, with birthday or Christmas motifs depending on the occasion. Different colored foil or colorful boxes are also popular. Unwrapping a beautifully wrapped gift is usually twice as much fun.

A gift can also be given in the dream world, which should then definitely be taken into account in the dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “gift” – the general interpretation

A gift is usually understood positively in both the waking world and the dream world. If the dreamer receives birthday presents, a gift basket, a voucher or another present from a donor while sleeping, then this indicates a change in his life that will lead to better conditions. It can also be more than that recognition or act a new love that comes into his life.

Sometimes the dreamed gift also symbolizes a Talent of the dreamer. In this case, the dreamer sometimes even receives a large stack of gifts. This symbol is intended to encourage the dreamer to finally use his talent in the waking world.

If the dreamer gives someone a gift in the dream world, this shows his positive qualities that are useful for other people. This dream image is also an indication of good and faithful Friendships interpreted. In addition, the dreamer will have good luck in love and success if he gives gifts to other people in the dream world. One warning This dream image still contains, because the dreamer should avoid hasty decisions.

Another interpretation of dream research says that the gift in the dream world should remind the dreamer to always live in the present and to always be present in life.

If you receive an (unexpected) package in the mail containing a gift, then the dreamer should be careful in the waking world. The Bad luck persecutes those affected and activities go wrong in the near future. Someone could be hostile to the dreaming.

If you receive a piece of mother-of-pearl jewelry as a gift in a dream, you should be careful in the waking world. Because you may be facing a dangerous situation. However, if it is made of jasper, you will often have success and luck. But if you receive a peony as a gift, you may have a secret admirer. A signet ring as a gift can warn against showing off.

Dream symbol “gift” – the psychological interpretation

If a gift is presented in the dream world, the psychological dream interpretation interprets this as an indication To know in the subconscious, which becomes accessible in this way. It then presents itself to the dreamer in the form of the gift that is presented to him.

Sometimes the gift in the dream world is also a reference to one Transformation given in the waking life of the dreamer. But it can also be a dream of satisfaction if the gift corresponded to the dreamer’s wishes.

If the dreamer gives a gift himself, perhaps on the occasion of an anniversary, then he usually wants to improve his relationship with the person receiving the gift or more in a group of people View receive and be better recognized.

Dream symbol “gift” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, a gift in the dream world often has the meaning of creative talentswhich have not yet been discovered.

In order for the dreamer to develop spiritually, he should live in the present and also take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities that life offers him. But he always has to take his fellow human beings into account.

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