Carnival – dream interpretation

In Germany every year on November 11th from 11:11 a.m. the carnival season begins, especially in the Ruhr area and the Rhineland. In the spring, from Weiberfastnacht at 11:11 a.m., the jesters are on the streets again for Mardi Gras or Carnival. Dressed up in colorful costumes, people happily parade through the city, throw confetti, watch the carnival parades, collect distributed candy, drink and celebrate. In Christianity, Carnival marks the time shortly before the beginning of the six-week Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday.

Carnival - dream interpretation

But carnival is not only celebrated in Germany every year. The carnival is also very popular internationally. For example, the parades in Rio de Janeiro with their scantily clad samba dancers, carnival or magnificent masked balls in Venice with all their imaginative costumes are well known. However, not all festivals in different countries take place at the same time.

This holiday from everyday life is what makes Carnival so popular. Costumes like those at a carnival can also often be found in dreams, so this is a relatively common dream symbol.

Whether Germany, Brazil, Italy or Canada – what most carnival celebrations have in common is that they encourage people to dress up. For one or more days, people slip into costumes and thus almost into a different skin.

Dream symbol “carnival” – the general interpretation

Carnival is usually a symbol of a happy and exuberant celebration in which some of the inhibitions that otherwise limit one’s behavior in everyday life are dropped. So your dream about carnival could mean that you enjoyment want.

Sometimes the dream image can even depict an addiction to pleasure in a more negative sense. In addition, if you dream of carnival, the dream can warn against excessive carelessness, which may be caused by the anonymity of the disguised state.

Likewise, the dream symbol could mean that the dreamer likes to get to know new people and Friendships want to close, as often happens on the streets during carnival.

In addition, the dream of carnival could also be a adventure announce what the dreaming will experience. If the person in the dream is wearing a very unusual costume or colorful make-up on their face, then it will probably also be a wild and exciting adventure. Even if only the other people in the dream were to wear a disguise and the dreamer was not, a fun evening could still await him.

If you see guard girls with short petticoats under their costume in a dream, you should not be too arrogant or wasteful in the waking world.

Dream symbol “carnival” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, carnival as a dream image testifies to one’s own desire for more Variety. Maybe routine has slowly crept into the dreamer’s life and the person concerned hardly experiences anything new anymore. Such a rigid life is often unsatisfying and therefore sometimes creates the need to break out of the routine.

The dream image of carnival sometimes also symbolizes that you like to have a fleeting one erotic adventure would experience without feeling any regrets about it. The dreamer may be longing for a more carefree sexuality that is less subject to social conventions and morals.

Anyone who dreams of carnival and wears a clown or jester costume is finally breaking away from all conventions and what is usual. You give – even if only for a few days – to your true personality Space to develop and doesn’t mind making a “fool” of himself in front of others. If you give a speech in a booth during Carnival, this can illustrate that you long for a more varied everyday life.

Dream symbol “carnival” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritual exuberance is often embodied by the dream of carnival. The dreamer is fundamentally open to new impressions and spiritual experiences.

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