Bailiff – dream interpretation

A bailiff implements a court order on behalf of the judicial authority. If someone does not meet their payment obligations, the creditor can take legal action in court. If necessary, this then orders compulsory enforcement, which means that the official seizes the debtor’s money and valuables, sometimes even a part of the debtor’s salary.

If he confiscates large, bulky goods that cannot easily be taken with him, the bailiff stamps them with a pledge seal. The heraldic eagle used to be depicted on it, which gave the seal the nickname “cuckoo”.

If someone dreams of a bailiff, they perceive it as either help or a threat. Maybe someone actually owes the dreaming money and the bailiff is supporting him. Or the dreamer is afraid of the demands or warnings of others, then the dream is rather unpleasant. In order to use dream interpretation to find out what is behind this dream symbol, you have to look at the entire dream event.

Dream symbol “bailiff” – the general interpretation

The appearance of the dream symbol “bailiff” suggests that the dreamer Doubt in his abilities. He got involved in something he wasn’t up to.

The bailiff therefore symbolizes the fear of the dream in the interpretation of dreams Fail and the effort to prevent it. The dream may have applied for a position that exceeds its intellect and resources. Now he fears that he will have to answer to an authority for this. In a dream, a bailiff symbolizes a warning to the dreamer not to overestimate themselves.

In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol “bailiff” embodies the aspiration of one higher position and at the same time a lack of intellect.

In ancient Egyptian dream interpretation, the dream symbol announces that one will successfully realize one’s plans, especially if one is the official in the dream.

If the bailiff comes to the dreaming person to seize them, good things will soon happen News arrive. The dreamer can expect an inheritance if he has difficulties with the bailiff in the dream.

Dream symbol “bailiff” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the bailiff is a symbol of Strafe and retribution. The dreamer is subconsciously aware that he has exceeded a limit with a certain behavior. His soul suffers from the fear of punishment, the threat of material repentance and loss of reputation.

As a dream symbol, the bailiff represents the distress of the dreamer, his Despair and fear of life.

If the dreamer faces up to his responsibilities and obligations, the dream symbol can turn positive: the bailiff then seizes everything that is burdensome in the dream and takes it with him. So the figure of the bailiff becomes a symbol of the dream interpretation mental purification.

Dream symbol “bailiff” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “bailiff” represents revenge. It embodies a Karmawhich cannot be clearly determined.

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