Family – dream interpretation

For most people, the members of their own family are the people who shape them the most. With them we go through a large part of our lives and experience our childhood, which shapes us and influences all future relationships. For years or even a lifetime, the family is a reliable companion in all situations, an advisor for problems and worries.

Some family members are related by blood and therefore part of one’s own DNA, such as parents or children, others are related by marriage, such as brother-in-law or sister-in-law. Some are closer to us, others further away, like the great aunt or the third cousin with whom we may rarely or never have contact.

It is not uncommon for these important caregivers to also play a role in our dreams, such as stepparents or foster parents. It is also possible that the dreamer finds people in an address book. Many people meet different family members in their dreams, perhaps seeing themselves as parents with their children. This does not necessarily reflect reality, but the situations in the dream can also differ from the true relationship with the family member. The dreams can also be positive or negative.

Dream symbol “family” – the general interpretation

The family basically symbolizes one’s own Safety idea. She stands for security, Schutz and Vicinity. This also applies to encounters with family members in dreams. Since they often accompany us through unhappy and difficult times in real life, people dream about their families especially when they are faced with professional or private problems in reality.

These dreams can often be interpreted positively because they represent the high relevance of the own family and symbolize your own point of reference in difficult situations. However, there are exceptions to this:

Dreaming of peaceful, happy family relationships can also be one Longing represent what the dreamer feels in real life, for example if in reality he has fallen out with the family or has no contact with the family members.

It can also be interpreted rather negatively if the person concerned has not fallen out with their relatives in reality, but in a dream. According to the general interpretation, the family members represent certain people in the private life of the dreamer.

If you make house music with your family in your dream, you can probably expect a happy one in the near future Event be happy. A communion celebration with the family can, as a dream image, warn against rash actions.

If the dreamer sits comfortably in his sleep with his family and has a conversation in front of a warm tiled stove, this can often be due to one worry-free future Clues. If a family member waves to you in a dream, you should often act more for the benefit of others.

The sight of the Roman patron god of the family, namely Jupiter, can bring about a happy phase in the life of the sleeping person.

Dream symbol “family” – the psychological interpretation

For the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol family, the constellation that is dreamed of plays an important role. In dreams, men often meet their mothers and women meet their fathers. This is not the only thing that comes with it importance of the parent, but also the need to break away from the parental example when choosing a partner. Basically, fathers in dreams also represent authority, law and order, while mothers represent closeness and care.

In a dream, an encounter with a brother can symbolize various things: If he is older, he represents rivalry, authority and experience. A younger brother, on the other hand, is often a symbol of vulnerability and a lack of maturity.

If the family member appearing in the dream is a sister, she represents something similar. However, in this case the focus is also on the emotional side of the dream.

Other dream situations can symbolize the following:

  • Grandma and Grandpa, the grandparents: tradition and beliefs
  • Son: Desire for self-expression and responsibility
  • Daughter: mutual support, but also rivalry, fears and doubts
  • Daughter-in-law: female part of personality that develops but is subordinate to others
  • Son-in-law: self-generated worries through carelessness, taking risks
  • Cousin: Longing for family harmony
  • Cousin: own character traits that are denied or hidden
  • distant relatives: symbol of the dreamer’s own personality traits, the dreamer is not on these sides.

Dream symbol “family” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the family symbolizes security: In reality, the dreamer feels comfortable in his spiritual group. But at the same time it also comes with one Need for protection to expression.

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