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Egypt, as the land of pharaohs and pyramids, has had a great fascination for people for many years, which still continues to this day. Impressive buildings such as obelisks and the Sphinx, the beautiful Cleopatra, the equally beautiful Nefertiti, highly developed art and culture as well as mysterious rites and customs still seem attractive but also mysterious today. Anyone who sees a scarab, an ouroboros or a mummy in a sarcophagus probably immediately thinks of the ancient land.

When a dream takes place in Egypt or Egypt appears as a dream image, there is always something unknown and exotic about it. The dreamer is taken into a seemingly different and strange world.

Dream symbol “Egypt” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The Egyptian god appears in my dream

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream of an Egyptian god as the dreamer’s wish for advice and assistance. The dream experience of a deity that is of Egyptian origin can also indicate existing feelings of guilt on the part of the dreamer. This interpretation usually applies when the dreamed god pronounces a punishment or inflicts it on a person.

Anyone who worships an Egyptian deity in their dream will have a happy and successful time in their waking life. If you offer a sacrifice to the god in your sleep, you can look forward to good friendships. If the god from the dream world has the features of a falcon, the sleeper should be made aware of an important circumstance in his life. In order to recognize what it is, an objective view “from above” is necessary.

Dream symbol “Egypt” – the general interpretation

Even today there is still a lot to discover in Egypt. The land of the Pharaohs has not yet revealed all its secrets, as the many skills and arts of the ancient Egyptians still pose a mystery. Fascinating buildings and hidden treasures only give an idea of ​​what happened there many millennia ago.

Cairo, a vibrant metropolis and the capital of Egypt, attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year. The city combines antiquity with modernity. The dream symbol “Egypt” can be understood in a similar way: the dreamer explores in his sleep Unknown and Mysteriouscontrasts and contradictions.

The exact plot of the Egypt dream provides a clue to the exact dream interpretation according to modern dream research. Egyptian deities, pharaohs or ritual acts such as mummification can appear in the dream. Since the religion of the gods, myths and magic played a major role in ancient Egypt, they should also be paid close attention to in dreams if they appear there.

If an obelisk, magical rites and ancient knowledge have an important function in the dream, then this could be an indication that the dreamer is on supernatural help hopes to solve problems in his waking life. An ancient amulet, like the one an Egyptian king might have worn, symbolizes a coming decision that will have great consequences.

Anyone who recognizes the dung beetle, a scarab, in the dream world is probably one Survivalist. This means that the dreaming person can get by in reality, even with small means.

When the dream symbol “Egypt” or a pyramid appears, the dreamer is often confronted with death. The cult of the dead was an important and extensive part of religious life in ancient Egypt.

Therefore, this can be interpreted as a sign that the dreamer is in the waking world Tod discussed, but that doesn’t have to be negative. Death always represents a new beginning – in dream interpretation this means a new phase of life!

Dream symbol “Egypt” – the psychological interpretation

If you interpret the dream symbol “Egypt” psychologically, there is a reference to a mystical, perhaps dark or magical part of the world personality of the dreamer.

Through the appearance of this dream symbol, the dreamer becomes in contact with it dark side of his ego. Maybe this side of the dream suddenly appears more or he tries to explore this side of his personality more.

These may be reasons why it increasingly appears in dreams and appears as a theme. Egypt offers the perfect backdrop for dreamers to explore their dark side.

Dream symbol “Egypt” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation, the dream symbol “Egypt” is a sign of the unknown side of the self and generally symbolizes everything Mysterious.

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