Balm – dream interpretation

The term “balm” comes from older usage and stands for a mixture of tree resin and essential oils that was previously used for care and healing. Nowadays the terms “ointment” or “cream” are used more.

We almost only come across balm as a “popular” word in idioms such as “Balm for the soul”. In this context, reference is made to the healing effects of the balm. Or the word “balm” can also be found in the old technique of corpse preservation, namely embalming.

How can the term “balm” be interpreted as a dream symbol? What interpretations are there in dream interpretation? Recall your dream and pay attention to all the details you saw.

Dream symbol “balm” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “balm” is a very promising symbol for the dreamer. First and foremost, it can be used as a Lucky sign be interpreted. The dreamer’s life runs in an orderly manner and he can continue to count on a worry-free time.

The dream symbol also gives the dreamer a hint about one stable health situation. However, since he has seen the dream symbol “balm”, he should continue to pay attention to his condition in order to maintain it. In addition, according to the general interpretation of dreams, the dreamer should keep an eye on his finances and financial transactions in order to continue to successfully advance them.

Balsam scents in a dream mean a long streak of happiness to the dreamer Profits in advance. If the dreamer buys balm while sleeping, this can be interpreted in general dream interpretation as a sign to the dreamer to think about their state of health and, if necessary, to find a healthier lifestyle.

The dream symbol “balm” also symbolizes Trost and Help for the dreamer after drastic or painful events in the waking world. It’s not for nothing that people talk about it “Balm for body and soul”. This interpretation also applies to dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “balm” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “balm” shows the dreamer that he is in a part of himself Help or cure requirement. He has to become aware of this part in the waking world in order to be able to heal.

If another person applies balm to a wound or skin while the dreamer is sleeping, this dream image also shows that his soul will become healthy. His recovery will progress primarily through the support of those around him in waking life.

If the dreamer uses the dream symbol “balm” on himself while sleeping, the psychological interpretation of the dream interprets this as that cure of mental wounds that are still very much troubling the dreamer in the waking world at the moment.

Dream symbol “balm” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “balm” symbolizes metaphysical desire after healing or care.

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