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Deep feelings are associated with the term “home.” On the one hand, there is the temporal level: home represents past, mostly happy and carefree times.

On the other hand, the term has a cultural aspect. Home is shaped by the people who live together. With traditions, customs and customs, you differentiate yourself from other communities and create your own identity. Local associations, local heritage care and local films inspire many people, even or perhaps especially in our age characterized by mobility.

The importance of a home has been discussed for thousands of years. Whether drawn and painted, written or spoken. We have a number of stories, especially from ancient times, about the loss and conquest of the homeland; The Greek legendary hero Odysseus is said to have searched for his home for ten years and braved every danger.

Anyone who dreams of their homeland may not have been to the place where they grew up and where their cradle was for a long time. He probably remembered his childhood and his previous home through an incident or people who used to be close to him. In dream interpretation, it depends on how the dreamer feels about his current life situation and how he experiences his homeland in the dream.

Dream symbol “home” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “home” symbolizes this resting pole in life. In dream interpretation, it represents the self-confidence of the dreamer. He has both feet firmly on the ground and strives straight for his goals, but not at the expense of others.

If the dreamer is dissatisfied with his real life, a dream about home expresses his feelings Longing for the past, for an idea of ​​an ideal world and innocence.

In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol “home” is understood as an expression of wanderlust. However, it is questionable whether the dreamer will find happiness there. Maybe he’s clinging too much to the past.

If you see your old home again in a dream, one is coming happy time at. This can refer to love, to harmonious hours with friends and family or even to material prosperity. If you dream of leaving your home, the dream symbol represents great worries about the future.

Dreaming about your own place of origin while also being abroad in the dream promises good news from the family in the dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “home” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “home” is a symbol of a celebration rooted life. The dreamer is sure of himself and feels like he belongs to his surroundings. His subconscious signals to him that he feels at home where he currently is, regardless of whether he is far away from where he came from or whether he has stayed close by.

Depending on your personal life situation, the dream symbol “home” can also indicate that you are better able to adapt to your surroundings adjust should. Maybe you subconsciously feel like a stranger.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “home” often reveals something about how satisfied the dreamer is with his current life. The childhood home is an image of better times, and the dream of it is an expression of dissatisfaction with the present and longing for past happiness.

Home can do that too childlike innocence embody. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol in this case indicates that the dreamer regrets certain sexual actions. Family difficulties are reflected in the dream when someone leaves home.

Dream symbol “home” – the spiritual interpretation

Every journey in life consists of departure and return home. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “home” embodies the place to which one feels spiritually bound.

This binding but it is also only temporary. On the transcendental level, home often also means the sphere to which one returns after death.

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