Polar bear – dream interpretation

The polar bear or polar bear belongs to the bear family and is the largest land-dwelling predator on Earth. If he is well fed, he weighs around 500 kilograms. Its closest relative is the brown bear.

The polar bear is native to the northern polar regions, so it lives in eternal snow and ice. This impressive animal plays a major role in the mythology of the Inuit people who live there. The polar bear can be seen quite often on the coats of arms and flags of Nordic countries and this animal species can also often be found in films and books.

It’s no wonder that the bear can also appear in the dream world. Especially since you can experience the polar bear live in many zoos, so many people dream about their experience the following night. You can find out what such a large animal can mean as a dream symbol in the following text:

Dream symbol “polar bear” – the general interpretation

A polar bear in the dream world sometimes heralds disappointment in the world Love at. A polar bear can also represent insecurities in interpersonal relationships, so the problem does not necessarily have to be with your partner.

Other interpretations see the polar bear as a symbol of one Competitors or bad talk behind your own back. The dreamer should think about who he will confide in in the near future. The dream context and other animals, people or objects seen in the dream provide clues as to the meaning of the polar bear in the dream.

The white color of the polar bear fur symbolizes powerlessness in the face of an obstacle that appears insurmountable. Perhaps the disappointment experienced is so great that the dreamer now feels helpless and doesn’t know what to do next. Other symbols experienced in dreams show the way here.

A cute polar bear baby in a dream shows that a new responsibility will soon arise in the dreamer’s life. This does not have to be your own offspring; it can also mean a new professional position.

If the dreamer plans a bear hunt in the dream world, he will put himself in danger. In this case, the dream image is a warning. Killing the polar bear after the hunt signals in a dream that you can shake off the danger and get away with “unscathed skin”. A dead polar bear symbolizes that the dreamer Luck will have, even if there are still a few obstacles to overcome beforehand.

Successfully scaring away a polar bear in a dream also promises success. Dream research actually interprets a lifeless polar bear or bear fur positively.

Conversely, if the polar bear pursues the dreamer, he should gather all his strength to escape a difficult situation. If the dream is attacked by a polar bear, then he is threatened Damage. The polar bear attack is intended to warn those affected not to act too carelessly in the near future.

When fighting for food, fights sometimes occur in nature between a polar bear and a walrus – two equal opponents. If the dreamer experiences such a fight between the animals, the sleeper is actually fighting with another person. This can be a professional matter Power tussle go.

Dream symbol “polar bear” – the psychological interpretation

Bears, but especially the polar bear, are often interpreted as a danger in psychological dream interpretation. The reason for this is the symbolic coldness that the polar bear reflects. This gives the dream image something calculating and cold, which can threaten the dreamer. Therefore, the dreamer is always warned to be careful when a polar bear appears in the dream world.

The psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung also interprets the dreamed polar bear as a symbol of the negative aspects of the world personality of the dreamer. This can also be on his side sexuality act. These parts appear threatening to the dreamer and this fear will only disappear when the dreamer learns to accept this dark side.

Dreams with this meaning are mostly dreamed by men. In women’s dreams, this dream image serves as an invitation to determine and live out their sexual life more actively.

The great power and energy that the polar bear radiates also symbolizes this creativity. Many dreamers wish they could live out this power of their own creativity when they dream of a polar bear. However, the dream image recommends that the polar bear’s gross power should be used carefully and in doses.

Dream symbol “polar bear” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the polar bear is a symbol of spiritual strength and Power interpreted.

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