Oven – dream interpretation

It is a technical achievement that can probably be found in pretty much every kitchen in the Western world – the oven. While our ancestors initially had to heat, cook and simmer their food over an open fire or, centuries later, had to resort to an oven heated with wood or briquettes, we can easily use the household appliance oven to cook our food like a pizza or a pizza using electricity and without any fire Prepare cake.

Because most people probably see an oven every day, the appliance – even though we probably often pay little attention to it due to the mundanity of the sight – can also often appear in our dreams. This dream image usually has, on the one hand, something to do with the heat that is generated inside to cook food, and, on the other hand, something to do with the food itself.

But read for yourself what your dream of an oven could mean.

Dream symbol “oven” – the general interpretation

An oven often has something to do with both the waking and the dream world Essen or food to do. It is often the case that the dreamer prepares a meal in his dream of the oven. In order to interpret such a dream appropriately, the type of meal and, above all, whether the meal is successful play a major role.

Basically, the dream image could relate to the dreamer’s current affairs and projects and could possibly indicate that these projects are currently making sluggish progress. If you can easily apply this dream interpretation to reality, then you should perhaps think about what is causing this almost complete standstill and what you can do about it.

If the meal that you prepare in the oven in the dream tastes very good, such as macaroni and cheese, then this dream symbol could indicate a promising one Development Clues. It is possible that the tasks that have stalled will gain momentum again and you will soon be able to complete them successfully.

If the food is burnt in the dream, then the oven as a dream image could represent a development for the worse.

Dream symbol “oven” – the psychological interpretation

When it comes to the dream symbol of the oven, the psychological interpretation of the dream is particularly important. This is mostly about the dream coming true transformation or Transformation represents what happens for the good. This transformation also occurs when the wood was previously burned in wood-burning stoves, producing heat that can cook the food or keep the residents warm.

If you actually see an oven in your dream that is heated with wood and requires a real fire, then the dream image is sometimes associated with a hot, fervent bond together. Such a bond offers great potential and can often be built and made happy. But the embers in an oven could also have a more negative impact human urges that the dreamer can perhaps just control, just as the fire in the oven is kept under control by people, but is still not entirely harmless.

Basically, someone who puts something in an oven in a dream usually wants to refine it or bring it to greater maturity. Here it is important for dream interpretation what exactly the dreamer wants to cook in the oven, because this may provide clues as to where he would like more maturity when awake.

However, if you take something out of an oven in a dream, then this dream symbol could refer to it successful completion of a development process. This dream interpretation is especially true when the food is also done. However, if the baking time was too short, the dream sometimes alludes to the dreamer’s feeling that he is not yet ready for some tasks and requirements while awake.

The well-known psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud also dealt with the oven as a dream symbol. When interpreting it, Freud particularly emphasized that the oven was a symbol of… female sexuality is. For him, the oven even had the same function as a woman’s uterus.

Dream symbol “oven” – the spiritual interpretation

Sometimes with the dream image of the oven too fears of the dreaming or internal resistance meant in him. The dream of the oven can partly mean that there are resistances and obstacles within him that prevent him from his spiritual development.

In addition, the dream image could mean that he is in front of the… Age fears.

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