Echo – dream interpretation

Who doesn’t know the fun you can have in the mountains when your own voice is reflected off the rock faces. As an echo, it sounds more muted than the original, but hearing your own words repeated by nature is still impressive. The hearing can estimate room sizes and distances based on the reverberation. Bats and dolphins have achieved true mastery. They emit sound waves and use the echo to determine not only the distance of the object that the sound hit, but also its size and shape.

Echo - dream interpretation

In warfare, we have taken this method as a model and, for example, equipped torpedoes with echo technology using ultrasound so that these weapons can independently locate and destroy their target. In technology, we also use the echo sounder for shipping or sonography for medical purposes.

But we humans ourselves also have a very special echo ability: the so-called “echoic memory”. If we are spoken to while we are absorbed in something else, we automatically inquire about what has been said. But before we have even fully asked our question, we suddenly know what it was about. Our memory has passed on an echo of information to our consciousness.

If you hear an echo in a dream, you are primarily interested in the content of the words. You may be curious because you hear something new. Or you recognize the words because they refer to something that has been bothering the dreamer for a long time. Sometimes it can simply be singing without lyrics, such as when yodeling. Various interpretation approaches are known in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “echo” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, the echo often points to processes that the dreamer has already experienced forget believes to have. In the dream he deals with behavior or mistakes that he does not want to repeat.

In dream interpretation, the echo also symbolizes a message that is sometimes intended to pass on gossip. Then the dream symbol is a warning dream that warns the dreamer slander want to preserve.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “echo” can also be a sign that the dreamer is with his friends hearing finds and his Love to a person is reciprocated by that person.

Anyone who hears a strange echo in a dream can expect a welcome, unexpected visit. If it is the echo of your own words, you should be cautious with your statements, otherwise you might end up in a conversation. If the echo sounds in a forest in a dream, it symbolizes the lonliness of the dreamer.

Dream symbol “echo” – the psychological interpretation

As a dream symbol, an echo sometimes simply refers to an actual sound that one unconsciously absorbs into the dream while sleeping. However, sound reflection in dream interpretation often provides information about the individual living conditions of the dreamer. So the echo often symbolizes the displacement and incomplete processing of events and thoughts.

When interpreting dreams, it is important to remember what the echo said in the dream. It can be a warning or a voice from the past that alerts the dreamer Mistake attention that he should not repeat. The subconscious may defend itself in the dream against a person who claims the dreamer’s opinion as their own or who wants to impose their ideas on him.

However, the dream symbol “echo” can also be a reference to the unconscious need to focus on one’s own thoughts Reaction to get,

Dream symbol “echo” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the dream symbol “echo” plays in relation to the Mond an important role:

He is a medium of the spirit and represents the psychological and spiritual powers, but needs the sun to show its strength by reflecting its rays.

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