Acne – dream interpretation

Acne is the term used to describe the appearance of pimples and pustules, which are caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands. The facial area is usually most affected by acne. But acne can also occur on the neck, décolleté or back.

This skin disease mainly occurs during puberty and young adulthood. Hormones seem to play a major role in the development of acne. But external influences such as stress, sugary foods or cosmetics can also promote the appearance of acne.

But why does the dream image “acne” appear in our world of dreams? What meaning does this dream symbol have for the dreamer and what interpretations can be found on the different levels of interpretation?

Dream symbol “acne” – the general interpretation

If our face is full of acne in a dream, according to the general interpretation of dreams, we worry too much about trivial things. You waste your energy by giving too much importance to unimportant things and letting your thoughts about them take up too much space.

If you see other people’s faces full of acne, it could be possible that other people’s worries or illnesses are causing problems for ourselves. Often you suffer with sick people and feels helpless in the position of an outsider. This can be a great burden for the dreamer.

If he perceives this exactly the same way in a real life situation, then the dream symbol “acne” advises him to take enough time for himself and to think about what could give him strength and help replenish his own energy reserves.

Pimples, pustules and eczema are what characterize acne. These often stand for a in dream interpretation weak self-confidence. This perceived inner insecurity shows up on a dream level with the dream image of acne. The “flaw” that you have long believed yourself to be internally becomes visible on the outside.

Dream symbol “acne” – the psychological interpretation

Even in a dream, a face full of acne can feel very stressful. From a psychological perspective, the appearance of pimples and blackheads on your own skin shows that something is pushing from the inside out.

The pus in the pustules indicates that the dreaming person is of negative burdens is very depressed. She finds it difficult to deal with these emotional distresses and to move on from them in a healthy way.

However, the appearance of acne as a dream indicates to those affected that it is important Boundaries to set and remove bad things from his life.

If you look with a feeling of disgust at another person who suffers from severe acne, you may have a very high one perfectionistic demands to yourself and your fellow human beings. This dream situation suggests that the dreamer is reluctant to deal with the unpleasant things in life. Perhaps during this dream experience he feels very clearly that he also still has dark or unsightly parts of himself, which he definitely does not want to look at or admit.

Dream symbol “acne” – the spiritual interpretation

On the level of spiritual dream interpretation, the dream image “acne” embodies the ability to transcendent Further development. However, this can only fully unfold if the dreamer is ready to allow what is happening. He should assume that every development process follows its own time schedule.

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