Railing – dream interpretation

A railing can be used to protect against a fall or to guide people. In its function as fall protection, a railing can certainly be found on every balcony. After all, no one wants to fall over the edge into the abyss. A railing is used as an element for guiding people, especially on stairs.

On the other hand, railings can serve to overcome them in a clever way. For example, in parkour, a sport from the 1980s, and also in skateboarding, railings are particularly popular with athletes because they encourage creative exercises.

Railings come in many colors and shapes. Some architects not only see functionality in the foreground, but also use it as a design or design element.

Dream symbol “railing” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the dream symbol “railing” illustrates that you can… Obstacles has to reckon with in the waking world. A person will get in the way of the dreamer’s plans. This can be both business and romantic projects. This dream image can also refer to jealousy and envy.

If you hold on to a railing in a dream, you will do a lot in your waking life to adhere to a certain thing Goal to get. Because the sleeper’s heart is attached to this goal and that is why he strives desperately for it. This can be material things, but also a matter of love.

The railing on a balcony in a dream can indicate that one has to expect difficulties when striving for higher things. This needs to be overcome patiently.

Railings on stairs or the sight of a stairwell with many railings as a dream symbol can, generally speaking, represent gradual progress on the stairs life path symbolize. If you walk up the stairs with your hand on the railing, you will develop further in the waking world and expand your knowledge. However, patience is necessary. Walking down stairs with the help of the railing in a dream, on the other hand, can warn of a worsening of the current situation.

The railing of an escalator brings similar dream messages.

If the sleeper is afraid of falling off a railing in his dream, then his real fear of a control or even Loss of power be shown. If you have a real phobia of falling over a railing in your dream, this often shows the actual fear of the person concerned, according to general dream interpretation. Because these fears also worry him very much in the waking world.

Dream symbol “railing” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the symbol “railing” primarily as a sign of Help in finding a new way of thinking or discovering a new emotional state. This interpretation should be used especially if a stair railing appears in a dream.

Anyone who perceives a stair railing as a threat in a dream because it may appear old or loose often feels insecure in the waking world, which can lead to an inner conflict. You should look into this more closely in order to overcome it.

If you dream of falling off a railing while sleeping, the sleeper receives a clue about your own fainting in certain things. He feels unable to cope with a certain matter in waking life.

If the dream falls from a railing into the water in his dream, he becomes aware of his current hopeless situation. However, there will soon be new hope here. If the sleeper gets his head stuck in a railing in a dream, he should be more careful in the future and not express his opinion on everything.

Dream symbol “railing” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent point of view, the dream symbol “railing” is an expression of the dreamer’s longing for spiritual help and support.

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