Flagellation – dream interpretation

A scourging is the flogging of a person with a whip, rod or cane. The pain of the person being beaten is very great and is either self-inflicted in order to repent before God for a sin they have committed, or inflicted by other people as punishment, torture or educational measures. Not only in the military worldwide, but also in the United States, dark-skinned subordinates were often castigated during the era of slavery.

The scourging of Christ is probably one of the most famous tortures on his path to the cross. Although only briefly mentioned in the Bible, it is a common motif in Christian art.

This scene can also appear in dreams, perhaps because one is currently dealing with this topic. But what can it mean if you scourge yourself or another person in a dream? What does such a dream situation mean?

Dream symbol “flagellation” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “flagellation” often hides repressed ones psychological content, such as drives or instincts. The dreamer does not allow this in the waking world because it makes him feel guilty.

Especially if the dreamer punishes and castigates himself in the dream, his Feelings of guilt clearly shown in the dream. However, he should also be aware that he cannot suppress all of his urges in the long term. Instead, he should find a controlled way to deal with them.

If the dreamer castigates another person in his dream, his dream shows him that he holds this person responsible for his problems in the waking world. Since it is not possible for him to punish this person in waking life, the dreamer lives out his inclination in the dream.

If the dream is scourged by another person in the dream, the general dream interpretation interprets this as a symbol of the dream’s desire for punishment. He did something in the waking world that his better self doesn’t approve of. This could also be, for example, a thoughtless act with no malicious intention behind it.

If the flagellation in the dream is seen positively or perceived as pleasant, this can also be seen in general masochistic tendencies of the dreaming.

Dream symbol “flagellation” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “flagellation” symbolizes the dreamer’s fear of not being able to meet the performance requirements.

If the dream is scourged by another person in the dream, it is the demands of those around him. If the dreamer flagellates himself in the dream, he cannot meet the demands he has set for himself.

In some cases, flagellation as self-punishment in the dream can also be severe Feelings of guilt for actions in the waking world.

If you see the flagellation of Christ in a dream, this dream situation can, according to psychological dream interpretation, be understood as a request not to lose faith in yourself. Even if you encounter massive headwinds in the waking world, you should still hold on to yourself and your views.

Dream symbol “flagellation” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “flagellation” refers to this Be aware of the dreamer that he is striving for something stage of development has not achieved in his life.

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