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You can help another person in many different ways. This can take the form of emotional support in a difficult life situation or in the form of financial help in bad times. Firefighters, for example, save lives every day by providing assistance, fighting a fire or getting to the scene as quickly as possible after an accident.

When you help and assist, protect and do good, you usually do so selflessly, that is, without expecting anything in return. For some, this is a professional activity for which they are paid. Nurses, police officers, doctors in hospitals and practices, to name just a few. But there are also many people who volunteer to help other people. Be it a seniors’ afternoon in a retirement home or as support in an animal shelter, because help is usually urgently needed here too.

It is human nature to be helpful and support others, even if we find it difficult to believe that with some of our contemporaries. But it has actually been proven that selfish and egoistic actions are only learned over the course of life. If children are selfish, it is often due to adult role models who act in this way and model the behavior.

But how does dream research view the dream symbol “help”? What does it say about the dreamer when he dreams of this dream image?

Some dream situations appear in connection with the dream image “helping” more often than others. Now find out exciting interpretation facts about the most important dreams about helping:

Dream symbol “help” – The most common dreams about the symbol

An event in a dream makes help necessary

When all else fails: The dream of helping with the move

In general dream interpretation, the move represents an actual change in the life of the person concerned. If you, as a dreamer, help another person move house and carry boxes, you are supporting a close friend or relative in their development. Someone is striving for a new goal in life and asks the dreamer for support, which should be offered selflessly. Because what you give, you usually get back.

Help in the event of an accident in your dream and save your life!

Have you experienced an accident while sleeping? Then your subconscious either processes an accident that actually happened or warns you about something that is harming you. Experiencing an accident in a dream in which one comes to the aid of injured people or animals shows the dreamer’s ability to ward off bad things. The person knows instinctively how to set the course in life in order to overcome unhappy phases in life.

A good deed every day: Helping someone in a dream

A variety of dream situations are conceivable in which a sleeping person gives another person a helping hand. For example, the person can save someone; This dream symbol indicates a danger or illness that needs to be prevented. So take good care of yourself in the near future. You can also assist someone else by explaining the route. Such assistance shows your own social streak. The dreamer understands how to deal with his environment.

Helping a homeless person – What does my dream mean?

Homeless people, who often sleep in the open without shelter, are grateful for help. With this knowledge, it can happen that you fall asleep and experience in a dream how we help such a person, perhaps buying them something to eat or offering them a place to stay overnight.

However, the homeless person from the dream, who is probably a stranger to the sleeping person, symbolizes a person from the dreamer’s environment who really exists. Someone has worries and needs; the subconscious has perceived this cry for help. Try to find out who you can help.

All effort in vain: unable to help as a dream symbol

The inability to help someone in a dream usually creates stress for the dreamer. Although this sleeping experience does not have to be a nightmare, such experiences are rarely pleasant. If a person urgently needs the dreamer’s help in the dream, but the dreamer cannot help and suffers from their own helplessness, then it is usually a matter of mental stress, which is now manifesting itself. Has the last time been very stressful? Get some rest and take a deep breath.

Dream symbol “help” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer experiences himself in the dream as needing help and even calls for help, according to the general dream interpretation, this is an indication that he will also be helped in real life in the near future and will thus be able to get out of a difficult and possibly dangerous situation for him undamaged will come out.

On the other hand, if he actively helps someone else, they expect him Dank and Reward. If you receive help from someone else in a dream, we will be given an opportunity to do good in waking life. These don’t have to be big deeds. Because it’s often the little things that count. You should therefore be attentive to your fellow human beings; there will certainly be many opportunities to help.

Dream symbol “help” – the psychological interpretation

From the perspective of psychological dream interpretation, the dream image “help” often symbolizes this Need of the dreamer, to be needed. Maybe in real life he really is someone you like to ask for help and who is always ready to help. There can actually be a so-called “helper syndrome” behind this. You only feel respected and valued when you put the well-being of others before your own and are always ready to step in as a rescuer in an emergency.

From a psychological point of view, there is often something hidden behind it low self-esteem of the dreamer. He believes that he is only worth something if he proves it to himself by doing something good for others. If you have recurring helper dreams, it would be important to take a closer look at your own personality structure and consider what motive actually lies behind the eternal desire to be helpful.

In addition, a dream in which you want to shake hands with other people can also indicate that you should not allow yourself to be taken advantage of too credulously. If you are a person who has difficulty saying “no”, the environment will often take advantage of this.

If the dreamer recognizes such parallels in his life, he would do well to stop constantly jumping when other people need something, but to sort out a little more precisely who really needs his help and who also appreciates it. You can also gain respect by not always saying “yes and amen” to everything, but also by making your own boundaries clear to those around you in a friendly manner.

Dream symbol “help” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual level, the dream interpretation sees the dream symbol as “helping”. Capability of dreaming, of being able to face the obstacles of life and overcome them with one’s own strength.

Does he feel like that? spiritual world strongly connected, part of his life’s task may be to accompany other people on their path through life and to help them to develop more awareness of the spiritual level of being.

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