Alphabet – dream interpretation

The term “alphabet” refers to the letters of a language in a fixed order. Getting to know these letters at school at the latest enables you to read or write and sort them according to alphabetical order. Since the alphabet is very important, many children learn it in preschool age, usually supported in a playful way with various rhymes or songs.

Some consonants and vowels occur more frequently in individual languages ​​than others. In German, for example, the “E” and the “N” are most common, but “X”, “Y” and “Q” are rarely found in words. Later, in secondary schools, letters are also used in natural sciences, often from the Greek alphabet. Then students suddenly come into contact with Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta or even Omega.

We can also encounter the alphabet in its entirety or in parts in dreams. Individual letters of the dream alphabet may also be highlighted, such as the letters of your own name. Or a strange alphabet appears, such as runes. What can this mean then?

Dream symbol “alphabet” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the alphabet can appear in different ways in dreams. It can appear both written and spoken. The letters of the alphabet can also appear in a dream in a vivid way. However, the meanings of the various appearances are generally quite similar and dream analysis hardly distinguishes between them.

If the alphabet, as it is sometimes incorrectly written, is seen as a dream symbol in a dream, this is primarily seen as one admonition understood how to organize his affairs in the waking world. The dreamer should pause in his progress in waking life and get an overview of his life situation. There may still be some issues that need to be addressed. This interpretation of the dream symbol can also be used if you write down the alphabet in your dream.

If you have to recite the alphabet in a dream, this dream image will guide you on your own Communication skills pointed out. This is well trained and you can explain issues to other people in a structured manner. However, if you make a mistake when reciting the alphabet in a dream, the sleeper should work on their communication skills in order to achieve the desired goal.

Dream symbol “alphabet” – psychological interpretation

Psychological dream analysis interprets the dream symbol “alphabet” as a symbol of the basic features of the personality as well as the Basic tendencieswhich influence actions and behavior, but also how we think and feel.

If certain letters are highlighted in the dream alphabet, the interpretations of the corresponding dream symbol should also be consulted. This leads to further aspects regarding the meaning of the dream.

If the alphabet of a foreign language appears in a dream, you should be aware of it in your waking life New or open something strange. Only then will you be able to expand your own horizons and develop personally. From a psychological point of view, learning the alphabet in a dream brings good luck in the family area and also the blessing of children.

Anyone who sees the letters of the alphabet in reverse order in their dream should finally Order bring into his life. However, you should proceed carefully and not overdo it, otherwise you would limit your personal development.

Dream symbol “alphabet” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually speaking, the dream symbol “alphabet” contains the request to the dreamer, Order into his spiritual knowledge so that he can use it purposefully.

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