straight ahead – dream interpretation

On the one hand, “straight ahead” can be a directional instruction, for example when you ask for directions to a certain destination. On the other hand, a behavior can also be hidden behind it. This is characterized by great openness and bluntness. You don’t mince words, so to speak.

Even in dreams, the dream symbol can be viewed “straight ahead” on these two levels, depending on the context in which it appears while sleeping. If you can recognize a direction or a position in connection with the symbol “straight ahead”, then the meaning of this dream image should also be taken into account. Because this can result in further aspects.

Dream symbol “straight ahead” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the symbol “straight ahead” can mean the moral standpoint or illustrate the dreamer’s life position. Such a dream can also symbolize how the person concerned deals with certain situations in the waking world. In this case, he should become aware that he addresses things openly and directly in his waking life. He overcomes difficulties without detours.

If you are very open with your partner in a dream, you will generally receive a request to show such behavior in real life. Until now, the dreamer may have had problems expressing his wishes. He should now implement this more in the future.

If the dreamer wants to turn or go around a curve in his sleep and instead continues straight ahead, he should stick to his chosen path in life in his waking life. Even if he’s after one change now is not the right time for that.

If the sleeper meets very blunt people in his dream, for example a doctor or something similar, he longs for people around him who will tell him the truth. The dreamer may feel surrounded by too many flatterers. A head-on traffic accident as a dream symbol generally warns Carelessness and stubbornness.

Dream symbol “straight ahead” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological level of dream interpretation interprets the symbol “straight ahead” in two different directions. On the one hand, such a dream can warn the sleeping person that he is losing his life align more clearly should. He should design it better and live more consciously. On the other hand, this dream image can show that you live too much according to rigid ideas. You should loosen up your current life more and Variety bring in.

A street or avenue in a dream, on which the dreamer can only drive straight, refers to the path in life that will be very carefree.

Anyone who freely expresses their opinion in a dream but swallows a lot in the waking world will receive the invitation Behave to reconsider. In the long run, this “swallowing” can prove to be dangerous for the dreamer’s psyche. He should therefore learn to express his opinion or his displeasure directly.

If the dreamer is muzzled due to his straightforwardness and outspokenness in his sleep, he should also show more restraint in his waking life. Because his straightforward and direct behavior can potentially scare other people away.

Dream symbol “straight ahead” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “straight ahead” can be understood in conjunction with a position in the dream as an indication of where the dreamer is in his spiritual Development located. It can also be seen as an invitation to continue moving forward in this development.

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