Pheasant – dream interpretation

The pheasant belongs to the chicken family. The male is particularly striking due to his colorful plumage, while the hen has simple, brown plumage. The pheasant has been a popular prey for hunters since ancient times and, especially in the Middle Ages, it was regularly found on the menu of the wealthy population.

But the pheasant was also used in folk medicine, where it was even recommended as a remedy against the plague.

Pheasant - dream interpretation

The pheasant has also been frequently seen in painting and fine art since the Middle Ages.

There it often replaced the peacock and symbolized the phoenix. Later he was mainly seen in hunting still lifes and landscapes.

Dream symbol “pheasant” – the general interpretation

If a pheasant appears in the dream world, it is often seen as Lucky symbol interpreted. The pheasant usually wants to point out to the dreamer that happiness is already very close to him and he just has to discover it. Joy and good Friendships are also symbolized by the dreamed pheasant. Sometimes the pheasant can herald an inheritance in this context. Anyone who discovers the pheasant in a dream is usually considered a lover of splendor and opulence.

If the dreamed pheasant is in courtship, the dreamer will have good luck in the process Love have. Success and career are shown by catching or shooting a pheasant in the dream world. However, this can also indicate that the dreamer puts his own pleasure above the needs of those around him.

If these are wild pheasants that are shot on a dream hunt, then the Self-esteem of the dreaming rise. Perhaps he or she will receive a special honor or privilege.

Eating a pheasant is a sign of good hospitality and good Health. In men’s dreams, this dream image is interpreted as a reference to a jealous wife who prevents the dreamer from meeting his friends.

Dream symbol “pheasant” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the pheasant is interpreted as a positive dream image. If he appears in the dream world, then happiness and health are announced for the dreamer enjoyment of life and success.

It doesn’t matter whether the pheasant is seen, hunted or eaten by the dreamer in the dream world. Often the dreamer has an emotional high or “lofty thoughts” when the pheasant appears as a dream image.

The color of the feathers can sometimes provide a further clue to the correct interpretation of dreams.

Dream symbol “pheasant” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the pheasant symbolizes what is to come Luck and the enjoyment of life of the dreamer.

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