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Transportation plays an important role in our dreams. The dream situations in which we change location and turn in a certain direction can reveal a lot about us and our lives. The specific circumstances vary. So sometimes you travel in a car, other times you walk, or maybe you use a train, a boat or a plane to get around. These aspects should always be taken into account when interpreting movement dreams.

But the route we choose in the dream situation is also very important. For example, in dream analysis it makes a difference whether you drive strictly straight ahead or whether you turn in the dream situation. But turning at a dream intersection in particular allows many conclusions to be drawn. It is also important to distinguish whether we turn right or left on the dream road and whether we had to pay attention to traffic lights or traffic signs.

How exactly do you interpret the “turn” symbol?

When the dream is about “turning”, we often experience this situation with a specific change of direction, which can have different meanings for the dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “turn” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The dream of turning left

If, as a dreamer, you experienced turning left in the dreamed situation, this is seen in dream analysis as a sign of strongly intuitive actions. In this context, the dream experience can make overly emotional evaluations conscious. The dreamer decides on a path “from the gut” and more by feeling than by rational considerations.

Turn right in the dream experience

If you dream of turning right, the dreamer is more likely to focus on a rational and logical approach. Sometimes turning right can also be a sign from the subconscious to act more intellectually. Anyone who has made an emotional decision should think carefully again about whether it is sensible.

Dream symbol “turn” – the general interpretation

Basically, turning in a dream is a symbol of Further development. The general dream interpretation assumes that those affected who turn in the dream situation have new experiences. Through this they become more mature and adult. You may also reconsider certain beliefs and ways of acting. The dream symbol “turn” can often be fundamental in this context Changes announce in life.

According to general dream analysis, it is also important whether you turned left or right around the corner in the dream situation. Turning to the right symbolizes tradition logical thinking. The dream image suggests that the dreamer will approach his affairs objectively and rationally from now on.

On the other hand, anyone who dreams of turning left is likely to rely more on theirs in everyday life Instinctshis gut feeling, his Intuition. The dream image often symbolizes feminine characteristics with which the dreamer can emotionally evaluate situations. However, he should be careful not to suppress morals and values.

Dream symbol “turn” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, branching off in the dream refers to the necessity to change direction of travel. The approach with which the dreamer is currently trying to pursue his goals is not successful. He has to change his plans.

The dream symbol “turn” can not only prompt you to choose a new, less direct route. But sometimes it should also raise awareness of the possibility of perhaps even defining completely new goals. So you can feel free to take new paths.

The exact meaning of the dream image depends on whether in the actual dream situation you reached a completely different destination by turning, or whether you only reached the original destination through a detour.

Dream symbol “turn” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual approach to dream interpretation, the symbol “turn” is a symbol of decisions. The dreamer overcomes his uncertainty in a certain matter. He finally makes a choice.

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