Egg timer – dream interpretation

An egg timer is another name for a timer or kitchen timer. The egg timer is particularly used in the kitchen to measure short periods of time. The term egg timer can be explained in different ways:

On the one hand, it may be that the egg timer got its name because it was often used to measure the cooking time of eggs. On the other hand, it is said that crushed eggshells were previously used as filling material in hourglasses and were therefore the namesake. In contrast to the classic clock or hourglass, the egg timer is rarely seen in the dream world – but of course you want to know what it means if it does appear in a dream:

Dream symbol “egg timer” – the general interpretation

If an egg timer plays an important role in the dream plot, then it can often be used as a warning be understood by the dreamer. The egg timer reminds the dreamer not to waste time enjoying food and drinks. Time is too precious and should be used wisely.

Similar to the hourglass, the egg timer is intended to measure a rather short period of time. There are similarities in the interpretation of the two dream symbols here: If the ticking egg timer plays a role in the dream, the dreamer is reminded of his own transience remind.

If the clock doesn’t ring but keeps ticking, you’re wasting too much time on a particular matter. You won’t get any benefit from the chosen approach, you’ll just get in your own way. If you don’t change your tactics now, you may not be able to achieve your goal.

If time runs out and the egg timer rings in the dream, then it is possible that the dreamer is giving away potential or talent. He will probably have to permanently say goodbye to the opportunity to use this.

Dream symbol “egg timer” – the psychological interpretation

Since not just any clock appears in the dream world, but it is specifically an egg timer, this is also particularly taken into account in the psychological interpretation of dreams. The egg symbolizes the previously unused and unrealized Potential of the dreamer. Future opportunities that the dreamer will still have can also be announced by the egg.

In combination with the clock, this dream image shows that the time has come and the dreamer should finally use the potential that he has within him. Most of the time the dreamer is not even aware of these abilities or he only has a vague idea of ​​them. The egg timer reminds him that time is also running. The dreamer should no longer let time pass unnecessarily, because perhaps at some point it will be too late, the time has run out and the opportunities have been missed.

The egg also indicates that something new can emerge. This causes them to quit Changes in the life of the dreamer and there is room for new developments. However, time is of the essence here too. The chances and possibilities don’t wait forever. The egg timer is a short-term alarm clock that works in the form of a countdown. The dreamer should definitely take action and use the time that he still has left.

Dream symbol “egg timer” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the egg timer symbolizes that the time has come for man to have his Kraft and uses its potential. The dreamer no longer has to wait, but must take action now and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves and to develop further spiritually.

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