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While some people are fascinated by fire, others fear flames and their destructive power. One thing is certain: in real life as well as in dreams, a fire can destroy entire buildings, which then burn down to the walls until only ashes remain of all the furnishings.

Fire is one of the four original elements, and even though we no longer need a campfire to cook our food and can heat our apartment without a wood stove, the element still plays a role in everyday life – be it the candle burns slowly, an incense stick or the lighter used to light a cigarette. Even the Stone Age people learned to make fire and there will probably always be fire in the distant future.

So it is hardly surprising that fire often appears in dreams and that something burns or burns down. Since fire always needs food, burning is inextricably linked to the flames.

Such a burning as a dream image can create strong feelings that you should definitely take into account when interpreting your dream. Read below what exactly your dream of a fire could mean.

Dream symbol “burn down” – the general interpretation

A dream about burning down is often related to fire, burning and burning, so that these dream images are very similar in their interpretation. Especially in relation to burning, your dream could perhaps indicate that you are in the Past have already acted rashly or you were afraid to behave rashly so that you do not become proverbial “burn your fingers”.

The burning itself always has something to do with it Energy of fire to do that can burn and consume other things with its heat. A dream about burning down indicates the power of fire, its heat-giving energy, which, however, can also have destructive effects. The dream image could therefore be placed in a negative context.

Whether the dream should embody life-giving warmth in a positive sense or unstoppable destruction and loss could also depend on that Feeling show that in the dream you feel the sight of the flames.

Dream symbol “burn down” – the psychological interpretation

Especially when interpreting the psychological dream about burning down, you should pay particular attention to what burned down in your dream. Depending on this, the dream image can evoke more negative or more positive associations.

For example, if a stubble field or a meadow burns in a dream, then the old is being disposed of, so to speak, in order to prepare the ground for new seeds and make it fertile again. In a figurative sense, this dream of burning down could show you that you can still use something that exists, even if it seems useless like the used arable land profitable can use.

A typical symbol in dreams are bright flames or the bright smoke that arise when burning, and usually an announcement of a happy event or event favorable development are.

However, if a roof truss or an entire house should burn down, the dream symbol is psychologically seen more as a warning needs or Care for interpreted. Perhaps the dream also symbolizes that with the basic attitude of the dreamer, not everything is harmonious and in order at the moment.

Dream symbol “burn down” – the spiritual interpretation

As in water, spiritual dream interpreters also see in fire mental energy. They also understand a dream in which the dreamer sees bright flames as a symbol of a new, so to speak, “igniting” idea.

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