Paragraph – Dream Interpretation

The term paragraph can mean very different things: in economic language it is about the quantity of goods sold; in architecture, a paragraph is a step, a higher surface, like a kind of pedestal. In texts, the word “paragraph” refers to a section.

High women’s shoes with heels appear most often in dreams, so this article deals with shoe heels in dreams. Tip: If you are looking for the other meanings of paragraph, please look here: Book, build, sell.

Historically speaking, shoe heels probably originated in Europe in the 16th century, where they were initially worn primarily by rich nobles and were therefore a sign of wealth. The term refers to the thickened bottom of the shoe under the heel, which is not present in some shoes such as flip-flops or flip-flops, while high heels, for example, have heels that are many centimeters high. Many committed high-heel wearers don’t care that constantly wearing high shoes causes stiffness of the Achilles tendon and therefore pain in flat shoes. The painful foot then becomes the actual “Achilles heel,” a vulnerable spot.

Men usually wear shoes with minimal heels. For women, heels can play a bigger role in their selection. So it stands to reason that – when it comes to higher heels – women in particular experience such a dream.

Dream symbol “paragraph” – the general interpretation

The dream of a heel is sometimes generally related to the dream symbol of shoes, which embody the dreamer’s connection to reality and can also be an expression of sexual needs in women.

Such a reference to sexuality In dream interpretation, this is especially true when the dreamer wears high-heeled shoes. These are eye-catchers for men because they visually lengthen the legs and could therefore also be understood as a “sexual invitation”. Classically these are pumps and especially high heels.

If you dream of high heels or high heels, the dream image could also reflect the dreaming person’s attitude towards classic femininity and the traditional image of women.

Sometimes the dreamer breaks off a paragraph in his dream or loses it. In popular dream analysis, this dream image often means that the sleeping person may do unnecessary things while awake expenditure made. After this dream, you should then consider whether the dream can really be transferred to your life and which investment may not be necessary.

A lost paragraph could also mean that the dreamer, so to speak “the ground beneath your feet” is taken away. In a figurative sense, perhaps in real life the… possession be endangered or its significance is doubted.

For example, if a cobbler renews your heels in a dream, then the sleeping person may have a helpful and stable person in a difficult matter Compromise before.

Dream symbol “paragraph” – the psychological interpretation

When dreaming of heels, the dreamer often moves in shoes with a heel height that is no longer comfortable for them or even no longer allows them to walk safely. This dream symbol is usually a sign of strong ambition and Omnipotence fantasies.

The dreamer may long to be able to look down on other people and be taller than them, and will also put up with a lot of effort in doing so. The dreamer really wants to stand out from his surroundings and also enjoys his special size. To do this, he is willing to sacrifice a serious demeanor and the safety of walking in flat shoes.

Dream symbol “paragraph” – the spiritual interpretation

If the dream of a paragraph is interpreted spiritually, then it is primarily about the desire for spiritual greatness. So you may also do uncomfortable and painful things in order to get closer to the spiritual and supernatural.

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