Official – dream interpretation

A civil servant is part of the public service in Germany. He has sovereign powers, which means he can make decisions that are exclusively in the hands of the state. The civil servants include, for example, police officers, as well as judges and public prosecutors, and sometimes also teachers and government employees.

A civil servant is appointed for life and has special rights and obligations. The employer is obliged to pay him appropriately, to provide for him in old age and to support him financially in the event of illness. The civil servant, in turn, must take an oath of service and vow to abide by the law and obey. For example, he is not allowed to go on strike.

Official - dream interpretation

A dream about an official can seem intimidating if the dreamer experiences him as an authority who abuses his power. He may also perceive the presence of a police officer or judge as help and support. The dream content and the emotions of the sleeper should be taken into account when interpreting the dream.

Dream symbol “official” – the general interpretation

According to traditional dream analysis, having to deal with an official is an unfavorable sign. The dream symbol indicates that troubled times dawn. Difficulties are likely to await the dreamer in private or professional terms. There may also be family worries.

Within the popular interpretation of dreams, it is also important how the sleeper behaves towards the official in the dream. If he argues with him, he should take it seriously Conflicts regard. In reality there may even be a risk of a lawsuit. If the dreamer gives money to the official, the dream image announces financial losses.

However, according to dream analysis, the inconvenience can be ended if the sleeping person chooses his words carefully during a conversation in the dream. Through Caution When dealing with the official, the dreamer can turn the encounter to his advantage. The dream symbol is also a signal for reconciliation with a friend or relative.

If the dreamer sees himself as an official, the dream symbol promises one improvement your own position. In general dream interpretation, the dream shows that the sleeper will only achieve his goals through extraordinary means and efforts. In addition, the dream image represents more and greater duties.

Dream symbol “official” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream analysis, an official embodies one thing above all Authority figure. The dream symbol represents someone from the dreamer’s past who guides him. As a rule, this is the father or mother. What is important is the sleeping person’s memories of real experiences. If the dream is characterized by fear, she probably suffered from her parents’ strictness. With the dream image, the subconscious tries to overcome this hidden fear.

The dream symbol “official” is often also a symbol of a quality of the dreamer that has a guiding light in real life and significantly influences all decisions. This may be possible Personality share is not developing so strongly at the moment or it is not visible to the outside world. According to the dream interpretation, the dream is then an expression of the desire to compensate for this by belonging to an organized group.

If the dreaming person sees himself in the role of a civil servant, in reality he often suffers from an excess of duties. According to the understanding of psychological dream interpretation, the dream image represents a feeling of Overwhelm The subconscious uses the dream to illustrate the need for more freedom in terms of personal life and personality development.

Dream symbol “official” – the spiritual interpretation

For spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “official” embodies the longing for one intellectual authority. The spiritual leader takes shape in a judge or a police officer and guides the dreamer through phases that he may find confusing.

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