Barrel – dream interpretation

A barrel is a cylinder-like container made of wood, metal or plastic. Liquids are often stored in barrels. Thanks to its practical roller shape, a barrel can be rolled and therefore easily moved. The best known are barrels for beer, wine and whiskey, oil barrels and old powder barrels.

We also often speak of a barrel in a figurative sense. Who doesn’t know the expression “of”. “Barrel without ground”which points out futile efforts.

Barrel - dream interpretation

What does the dream interpretation know about a barrel in a dream? How can the dream symbol be interpreted? The use of the barrel in the dream is important for the interpretation.

Dream symbol “barrel” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “barrel” can be used in general dream interpretation as: Reward can be interpreted for strenuous activities. At the same time, it can also indicate to the dreamer that in the waking world his workload can hardly be completed and his work is piling up. He should quickly find a solution here.

The sight of many barrels in the dream symbolizes wealth and possessions for the dreamer, which will continue to increase. If the dreamer buys a barrel full of wine while sleeping, he can look forward to nice visitors in his waking life.

According to the general dream interpretation, a full barrel in a dream shows the dreamer that his efforts Success and that he can achieve prosperity through hard work and frugality.

A barrel filled with fish in a dream also means wealth and prosperity to the dreamer. If the barrel is full and closed in the dream, according to the general dream interpretation, the dreamer receives a warning against excess. As a dream image, a petroleum barrel can often refer to interesting acquaintances.

If the dreamer sees a leaking barrel in his sleep, from which liquid is even escaping, the dream symbol is here as an indication of what may occur financial losses interpreted. These losses can also threaten your own existence. In general dream interpretation, an empty barrel in a dream is interpreted as a sign of inconvenience as well as misery and material poverty.

Carrying a heavy barrel while sleeping promises the dreamer relaxation in the waking world after monotonous activities. If the dreamer dances around one or more barrels in the dream, the general dream interpretation shows him that he is on difficult work in the waking world.

A broken barrel can be interpreted as a foreshadowing of misfortunes in waking life. If the dreamer taps a barrel himself while sleeping, he will soon be able to win over an influential person as a friend and supporter. If the dreamer has had a streak of bad luck up to that point, his dream also shows him that this will now come to an end.

Tapping a beer barrel in a dream can also be interpreted as recovery from an illness. If the dreamer is only a spectator while tapping a barrel in the dream, the general dream interpretation interprets this dream situation as the end of all the dreamer’s previous sufferings.

Rolling a barrel in a dream gives the dreamer a clue that only those who work hard for it will be successful in life. Maybe the dreamer should check his attitude to see whether he should change something in his life.

If the dreamer rolls several barrels into his cellar while sleeping, his dream announces a rich and secured future. The mere sight of barrels in the cellar also symbolizes a secure financial basis.

Dream symbol “barrel” – the psychological interpretation

Like most containers, the dream symbol “barrel” symbolizes this in psychological dream interpretation female principle. In addition, a barrel in a dream shows the dreamer that he is conscientiously trying to achieve an emotionally balanced state. This care within dream interpretation can be traced back to the craftsmanship involved in making a barrel.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the barrel in the dream is similar to the bucket Vessel of life interpreted. The contents of the barrel in the dream say more about the dreamer than the barrel itself.

The dream symbol “barrel” also symbolizes the dreamer’s talent for dealing creatively with materials. According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, a bottomless barrel in a dream means to the dreamer that something is not quite right with his attitude. He should think about this consciously in the waking world.

A barrel in the house tells the dreamer that he has one Part of his personality neglected during development.

If the dreamer sees a barrel outside in the dream, then he is informed about the lack of external security. The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets wine barrels in the dream as the dreamer’s desire for more Socializing and Diversion.

Dream symbol “barrel” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “barrel” symbolizes when it appears in the dream without a bottom, unsuccessful efforts of the dreamer.

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