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Acquaintances in dreams can trigger positive or negative feelings in us, depending on what life situation and mood we find ourselves in.

People are usually described as acquaintances with whom one does not have a friendly, close relationship, but whom one knows through irregular seeing or speaking to one another. A non-binding small talk – i.e. talking about unimportant things – when you meet is often part of a polite acquaintance. Sometimes a superficial acquaintance develops into a real, deep friendship over time.

Now how can you interpret your dream about someone you know? What does dream interpretation say about this dream symbol? Find out more below.

Dream symbol “Acquaintance” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Old acquaintances who appear in dreams

If the dreamer sees old acquaintances in his sleep, this should prompt him to think about these people and their relationships with him in his waking life. It is possible that unresolved disputes that would be better resolved can cause the dream image. In particular, a dreamed argument with an old friend can prompt you to overcome your fears in order to finally resolve old differences of opinion. Sometimes the person affected realizes when they are awake how much this person actually means to them.

Dream symbol “acquaintance” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “acquaintance” is a very common symbol in general dream interpretation. Many people see people in their dreams that they know well or that they often see Contact have. The range is broad – boss, neighbor, relatives, friends or your own life partner.

If the dreamer sees the dream symbol “acquaintance” while sleeping, then according to the general dream interpretation the dream wants him to know something about that Relationship say to this person. If it is even your own partner, then the dreamer should concern himself with his own relationship.

In connection with the dream symbol “acquaintances” there are various dream situations that are interpreted differently in general dream interpretation. Seeing or meeting and speaking with familiar people in a dream is seen as an indication of upcoming events news interpreted in waking life.

Other possible interpretations for dreaming include a happy home and success in business. An argument or a loud argument with acquaintances symbolizes humiliation and trouble that can soon come to the dreamer in waking life. A falling out with a well-known person in a dream warns the dreamer to have one reconciliation with that one. Even if the argument in the waking world was not the dreamer’s fault, he should take the first step and reach out to reconcile.

In general dream interpretation, the sight of a weak, sick or pale friend in a dream can be seen as a premonition by the dreamer Tod or Illness interpreted by the person concerned.

If the dreamer makes a new acquaintance while sleeping, he should be careful when choosing his friends in the waking world. If the dreamer is embarrassed by an acquaintance while sleeping or if he meets him at the wrong moment, then the dream symbol can be interpreted to mean that the dreamer consciously commits a crime that is brought to light by the person shown in the dream.

Dream symbol “acquaintance” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, people appearing in dreams reflect certain people Characteristics of the dreamer. The dream symbol “acquaintance” indicates the usual feelings, memories or nature of the dreamer.

Meeting acquaintances in a dream can be seen as one in the psychological interpretation of dreams Idea be interpreted by good or bad news or a message that turns out to be true in the waking world.

Another interpretation of this dream situation is that the dreamer receives support for his opinion or he finds sponsors in waking life who support him. If the dreamer meets very good acquaintances in his sleep, this indicates that he will find something lost in the near future.

If the dreamer talks to other people in his dream about acquaintances, then, according to the psychological interpretation of the dream, he will receive one warning from his unconscious that he should beware of gossip in the waking world.

Dream symbol “acquaintance” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “acquaintance” shows the dreamer parts of himself while he is sleeping metaphysical ego.

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