Address book – dream interpretation

In today’s digital age, keeping an address book has become almost a rarity. Today you have all important data stored on your cell phone and can access it at any time in a matter of seconds. A big advantage. You have the name, telephone number, address, date of birth and even the appropriate photo of the person in question in front of you on the touchscreen in no time at all by tapping the digital address book.

However, many of us are also aware of the disadvantage: If the cell phone breaks, falls into the water or is stolen, all of our data is gone with it, never to be seen again.

Address book - dream interpretation

The classic address book offers more security here. What is immortalized on paper can hardly dissolve in digital nirvana. And if you don’t necessarily have a tendency to lose things, a book like this might stay with you throughout your life. The address book can also play a role as a dream symbol and can sometimes tell us interesting things about ourselves.

Dream symbol “address book” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpreters say that if you leaf through an address book in your dream world, you will probably find something very soon offspring into the house. Maybe you were looking for a name idea while browsing through it because you are also dealing with the topic of children in real life or are actually already expecting a baby?

If you search through an address book – even if you don’t have one in the waking world – and only find one known person in it, this can make the dreamer understand that he hopeswhich he has been harboring for a long time, should be left behind because they will not be fulfilled for him.

Dream interpretation sees it as a warning if you notice in a dream sequence that you have lost your address book. For the dreamer’s real life, this can mean that he is with… Loss from good friends.

Dream symbol “address book” – the psychological interpretation

For dream psychologists, the “address book” dream image often reveals hidden sides of the dreaming person. For example, a locked address book can indicate certain wishes. The dreamer most likely carries these hidden deep within himself. He hopes that at some point they will come true as if by magic.

If the locked address book can be opened, this is a positive sign. You can look forward to your wish coming true very soon. However, if the address book remains closed, certain wishes will always remain just wishes for the person concerned and will not come true for them in the real world.

Seeing a full address book in front of you in the dream world also suggests that the dreaming person is a sociable and socially well-integrated character. The person concerned loves him Exchange with other people and maintains his contacts accordingly well.

Dream symbol “address book” – the spiritual interpretation

The address book can show the dreamer from a transcendent perspective that Hometowneven if everyone defines it differently, can still be found everywhere if you feel at home within yourself.

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