Fern – dream interpretation

Fern is one of the first plant species to develop on earth and which have survived to this day.

Fern - dream interpretation

Today, the largest ferns are found particularly in the tropics, as their shady, warm and moist places make them very suitable for this type of plant.

But ferns can also be found in cooler climates. Fern plants can often be found, especially in the forest undergrowth.

Dream symbol “fern” – the general interpretation

Viewed from a general point of view, the dream image of the fern can show the sleeper that evil Premonitions can be distributed in the waking world. Above all, happy hours spent with loved ones can be the key to this. Withered fern as a dream symbol is a sign of various illnesses in the family area that will greatly worry the dreamer in waking life. However, this dream situation can also generally indicate annoyances and arguments that the person concerned should be prepared for.

The sight of ferns in pots shows the sleeper that they are Success will only stop after a period of difficulty and effort. Therefore, he should not lose heart in real life. His patience and perseverance will pay off in the end.

Anyone who sees ferns in a dream as bushes or in the forest as undergrowth should become aware of dangers on their future path in life. The dreamer is ready Risks to enter into which could prove disadvantageous for him. So far he has consciously and successfully suppressed this fact. Through his dream about a fern, these insights are now supposed to penetrate into his consciousness.

If the aspect of the plant comes into focus in the general interpretation of a fern dream, the dreamer receives a reference to one gradual change in his life. These changes can sometimes occur almost imperceptibly for him and he only recognizes afterwards how his life has changed in certain areas.

Dream symbol “fern” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, the dream symbol “fern” contains one sexual meaning. The sleeper should be warned by such dream content not to indulge in unrestrained and uncontrolled sexual desires and passions. Despite all the passion and desire, the person affected should not lose their self-control, as this could potentially harm them.

Lush fern as a dream symbol symbolizes the helping hand of nature within traditional dream analysis. Through such a dream, a good harvest and a rich livestock were predicted for the sleeping person. That’s why this dream image is still used today as a symbol for prosperity and wealth understood.

According to psychological dream interpretation, wild-growing ferns can symbolize the part of the personality that occurs in the waking world Freedom or longs for independence. It would be advisable for the dreamer to deal with and deal with these character traits in the waking world. Ignoring or repressing this desire for freedom can lead to psychological problems in the long term.

Dream symbol “fern” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the symbol “fern” in the sense of a plant and therefore such a dream can refer to the cycle of life as well as indicate the dreamer’s life energy.

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