ECG – dream interpretation

The examination using an EKG (electrocardiogram) was invented in the nineteenth century. With the help of this medical method, to put it simply, the rhythmic flows of the heart can be visualized in order to be able to identify any disorders. Signs of a heart attack can also be detected early.

If an ECG appears in our dream, the interpretation of the dream is less focused on the specific method itself, but rather on the aspects of health and the heart. Dreamers often see themselves lying in the hospital in connection with the ECG.

To better interpret your dream, you should try to remember as many details as possible. Other dream symbols often also play a role, which should also be looked up and interpreted in order to understand the dream as a whole.

Dream symbol “EKG” – the general interpretation

In general, dreams in which the dreamer’s health plays a special role can be interpreted in two directions:

Either the dream has an actual physical cause or fear Illness underlying, or the dream symbol is to be interpreted in a figurative sense.

If the dreamer has to undergo an ECG examination in his dream, this can indicate that he is not feeling well in terms of health. Sometimes a dream about such an examination can function as a warning from the subconscious that the dreamer should actually have himself examined. The dream could just as well be a processing of a past or upcoming doctor’s appointment.

However, an EKG in a dream can often be interpreted symbolically. The heart stands for feelings and interpersonal warmth. If it is healthy and beats rhythmically, it indicates healthy Relationships of the dreamer as well as the feeling of having a place in other people’s hearts.

The dream symbol can also represent the prospect of settling a small conflict. If, on the other hand, there are disorders, the dreamer is weakened in his dream or the examination even reveals a serious illness, then the dream refers to it Conflicts or bad luck in friendships or romantic relationships.

The ECG in a dream is also a symbol of careful consideration. Just as the examination can reveal possible problems that are otherwise not easily visible, the dreamer should not rely on the first impression. Instead of making a hasty judgment, he should approach a matter carefully.

Dream symbol “EKG” – the psychological interpretation

In a psychological sense, dreams that focus on health often indicate psychosomatic ones complaints This means that a psychological problem has a physical impact.

In the case of the dream symbol “EKG” with reference to the heart, the problems most likely relate to the interpersonal area. If the dreamer does not feel loved enough or feels a conflict in a relationship, this can be reflected in such a dream.

Furthermore, the dream symbol refers to the treating doctor authority and the need for someone to tell the dreamer what is wrong with him and what he should do about it. He feels that he is not at peace with himself at the moment, but is not clear about what exactly is the cause of his discomfort and wishes Help from the outside.

If the dream is experienced as very negative or frightening, or if it is even a nightmare, then it is an indication “Hypochondria”, that is the exaggerated fear of illness. This is even more true if the dream occurs more frequently.

Dream symbol “EKG” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, the EKG in the dream refers to the inner balance and the role of the heart.

Depending on how the examination turns out in the dream, the dreamer may need more follow heartsto be more in harmony with yourself again.

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