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In our dreams, the conscious perception of our body in the specific dream situation often plays a central role. On this level too, we can feel almost real pain, we can move parts of the body or carry out an action in the dream situation. Dreams about falling are particularly common. The dream symbol “balancing” is part of these dream images related to feeling and controlling the body.

Dreams about balancing are extremely interesting for dream interpretation because in them you don’t fall. You are able to control your body’s center of gravity, keep your balance almost like a tightrope walker and move forward on narrow stairs or even just a rope. The balancing act in parkour, for example on a narrow wall, is also a dream situation that should definitely be analyzed.

Of course, the symbol “balancing” can also appear in a reverse context, for example when we see another person balancing. But what exact conclusions do such dreams allow?

Balancing most often appears in dreams in connection with a rope or at a particularly great height. Find out more about these important dream images related to the symbol “balancing” below.

Dream symbol “balance” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Balancing on a rope in a dream

When it comes to dreams in which you balance on a rope, the crucial thing is: How safe are you? Anyone who has no problems keeping their balance in the dream situation has great self-confidence. The sleeper knows his strengths and abilities. However, anyone who balances unsteadily over the rope still needs to work on their self-confidence. The dream image suggests that you are easily influenced and have low self-esteem.

Balancing at great heights – wow, with dizziness in your dream!

Anyone who balances at a dizzying height in a dream urgently needs to take better care of themselves! The dreamer tends to engage in risky behavior. He is easily carried away by daring ventures. It’s pure luck that nothing more has happened so far. There is an urgent need to develop a better awareness of dangers.

Dream symbol “balance” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation often interprets the symbol “balance” as warning. Dreaming tends to undertake daring ventures. He does not exercise the necessary caution. He should learn to be more careful. In addition, he should not allow himself to be easily distracted by external circumstances in the future. In this context, balancing in a dream also encourages you to concentrate more consciously on certain tasks.

Sometimes the dream image of balancing can also be an expression of something big self-confidence be. According to general dream interpretation, the opposite applies if the sleeper has difficulty maintaining balance in the dream situation. In these cases, the shaky balancing goes away again uncertainty and easy to influence.

It is rarer for dreams to see another person balancing, for example in the ring of a circus. This usually shows one Longing for perfection. In traditional dream interpretation, however, such a dream situation can occasionally be threatening Mischief to warn. The dreamer should discard plans associated with danger.

If you balance on a plank while you sleep, you should focus on your inner self. Because there seems to be a lot of hectic or even chaos here.

Dream symbol “balance” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological approach to dream interpretation, balancing represents the striving for inner balance. The dreamer tries to bring the different parts of his personality into harmony with one another. In this way he wants to get to his inner center find.

Some psychoanalysts also occasionally see references to a perceived feeling in the dream symbol “balancing”. Overwhelm. The dream image then appears primarily in the dreams of people with low self-confidence. Fear of failure, as well as worries about not being able to complete tasks, are expressed through the dream of balancing.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, anyone who watches someone balancing in the dream situation longs for more justice in the world. For the dreamer, fairness is one of the most important values ​​of everyday life together.

Dream symbol “balance” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the symbol “balancing”, similar to the scales, as a symbol of compensation and fair distribution.

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